American Dreamz

2006 film directed by Paul Weitz

American Dreamz is a 2006 comedy film.

Imagine a country where more people vote for a pop idol than they do for their next President.

Martin TweedEdit

  • Jessica, you make me feel like being a better person and I'm not a better person. I'm me.

Sally KendooEdit

  • Martin, I'm not physically attracted to other people, but if you want me, I'm yours.


[Opening Lines]
Jessica: [after Martin receives a fax showing American Dreamz as the top rated show] How are the numbers?
Martin Tweed: Incredible. [chuckles] Absolutely incredible.
Jessica: Congratulations.
Jessica: I'm leaving you.
[Long pause]
Jessica: Did you hear what I said? I'm leaving you.
Martin Tweed: [still staring at the fax] Yeah, I heard. Yeah, Yeah
Jessica: I'm not kidding.
Martin Tweed: I know. [turns and walks toward her] Look, I think it's an excellent decision on your part.
Jessica: You do?
Martin Tweed: You're a fantastic person and the last year's been really great. You're beautiful. The sex has been wonderful. You're kind and supportive. You wait for me with dinner when I work late: you're amazing. And it's driving me out of my fucking mind.
[She stares in disbelief]
Martin Tweed: You know, with numbers like this, this should be the happiest day of my life and instead i have to worry about whether I make you happy all the time!
[Pause, her lip quivers]
Martin Tweed: Jessica, sweetheart, you make me feel like being a better person. And I'm not a better person. I'm me.
Jessica: [teary-eyed as she walks away] I feel sorry for you.
Martin Tweed: Don't. I certainly don't. In fact, I envy myself deeply.

President Staton: Did you know there are two kinds of Iraqistanis?
[The First Lady holds up three fingers.]
President Staton: I mean, actually, three?
Vice President Sutter: You mean Sunnis and Shi'ites and Kurds?
President Staton: You knew about this?

Martin Tweed: That's weird, one can become quite detached from reality when one's famous.
Sally Kendoo: That sounds so cool.

Ali Aziz: You must get to the championship round. When you are on stage with the president, you will have smuggled in an explosive.
Omer: What if I don't make it to the final round?
Ali Aziz: Folks don't call me the torturer because I don't like to torture people.


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