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American Dragon: Jake Long

American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2007) is an animated television series from Disney Channel.Jeff Goode said of the show: "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Disney animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Disney has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us."


Opening theme: "TQG One"Edit

He's cool, he's hot like a frozen sun,
He's young and fast - he's the Chosen One
People, we're not bragging,
He's the American Dragon
He's gonna stop his enemies
With his Dragon Power,
Dragon teeth, dragon tail, burnin' dragon fire -
A real live wire
American Dragon. He's the American Dragon
His skills are getting faster,
With Grandpa the master,
It's destiny, what's up, G?,
It's showtime, baby, for the legacy
American Dragon
I'm the dragon, I'm not braggin', it's my destiny,,
I'm the magical protector of the N.Y.C
'Ya heard!?

Season 1Edit

Old School Training [1.1]Edit

Huntsman: American Dragon! Prepare to become a pair of boots!

Huntsman: Ah, yes. Do you know what would magnificent stuffed and mount on the wall of the Huntslair?
Huntsgirl: Let me guess. [looks through the spyglass, spying on Jake and Lao Shi]
Huntsgirl: A pair of dragon skins?

[She and Huntsman cackle]

The Legend of Dragon Tooth [1.3]Edit

Haley: Jake told me not to, um... rip the door off the hinges, break the ceiling fan, and spray the fire extinguishers everywhere... but I wouldn't listen. [smiles, revealing one lost tooth] Sorry!

Act 4, Scene 15 [1.5]Edit

Huntsman: Blast that American Dragon! We'll pick up the search tomorrow. We will find him, and the beetle.
Rose: [taking her mask off] For all we know, the dragons have already send it back to Egypt. Maybe we should just give up, and--
Huntsman: Give up?! Those dragons need to be slain! Never forget that! [He takes his glove off, to show Rose his mark on his palm.] It is your code, as it is mine. As it is theirs. [Huntsman shows Rose the statues of Huntsclan members. Rose looks at her dragon-shaped birthmark]
Rose: I understand, Huntsmaster. But what's so important about this one Egyptian bug?
Huntsman: For generations, the Huntsclan have hunted magical creatures. And for generations, dragons have stood in their way. But no more. Once we locate the scarab, we will use its life-giving powers to revive past generations of the Huntsclan. Hundreds shall be reborn and become my army-- An army which will wipe out dragons forever! [cackling]

Eye of the Beholder [1.14]Edit

Pageant Host: I'll be the most powerful game show host in the land! Deal with that Trebek.

Jake Takes the Cake [1.15]Edit

Susan: Jake, what are you doing?
Jake: Making a complete fool of myself on national TV.
Susan: Okay! Well good luck with that!

The Hunted [1.21]Edit

[Rose has Jake tied up and charges him]
Rose: Its over dragon! Say goodbye!
Jake: Rose, no!
Rose: [stops in shock] What did you just call me?
Jake: Rose. If you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face. [takes on human form] Rose, its me.
Rose: [takes off her mask, shocked] Jake? [pauses then charges him] Hiyah!
Jake: [discovers Rose cut him free and is running away] Rose, wait! [tries to follow but trips on the ropes]

Season 2Edit

Half Baked [2.2]Edit

Brad: That's right, the Bradster makes Home Ec home excellent.

Family Business [2.7]Edit

Balthazar: I do what I love, and I love what I do.

Dreamscape [2.9]Edit

[Jake and Rose are on yet another dream date. This time, they are in a hot-air balloon perched on a purple mountaintop.]
Jake: Whoa! What's this?
Rose: The "Voyage" channel aired a special on hot-air balloons. I kept flipping between that and "America's Wackiest Home Videos".
[Jake looks at Rose and is surprised Rose is a fan of "America's Wackiest Home Videos"]
Jake: Hey, isn't that the show where everybody's pants...
[A pair of hands magically appear to pull down Jake's pants, then Jake pulls them back up]
Rose: Yep, that one.

Supernatural Tuesday [2.14]Edit

Nigel: Don't reach my knees on the b-ball court, why's a kid named Long gots to be so short?

Hong Kong Longs [2.16]Edit

[The Dark Dragon makes a long speech about his villainous plans]
Spud: Excuse me! I move we skip the cool villain banter and get right to the Kung-Fu!
Councilor Andam: I second the mortal's motion! Get him!

Spud: [as everyone's losing] You might be winning, but that evil laugh is still a cliche!

Bananas B: [sees that his side is losing] I think I'm going to sit this one out, I'm against violence. [turns to see Fu Dog]
Fu Dog: Really? [chases Bananas away] Because I'm all for it! Agoo!

Love Cruise [2.18]Edit

Cupid: Papi's off to Cancun to get his groove back!

Jake: Rose I my Boo After all we been throught, And a love that's taboo, Goin' on the love criu...

Homecoming [2.20]Edit

Huntsman: [after seeing Jake unmorphed] So this is the American Dragon's true human form.

Jake: I wish Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan!

Huntsman: [holding one of the Aztec Skulls] By the Pantheon of Aztec Skulls I hearby wish...! [knocked out by a blast from Rose from behind]
Rose: The destruction of all Huntsclan! [all Huntsclan members start to get sucked into the air where they vaporize]

Magic Enemy #1 [2.25]Edit

Bananas B: Train Zords for Rose is what me is naming, Animal guardian's what I'm gaming. I'm telling you, dawg, Yo, quit your yelping, I'm a monkey what's into helping.

Ghost Story [2.26]Edit

Benny: Hi! I'm Benny! I get picked on a lot, so I've sealed myself in this bully-resistant wonder-ball!

Craig:: He's Chris.
Chris:: He's Craig.
Craig:: We're identical twins, only I weigh five pounds more than Chris.
Chris:: Not for long, you don't!


  • Jacob "Jake" Luke Long - Dante Basco
  • Luong Lao Shi "Grandpa" - Keone Young
  • Fu Dog - John DiMaggio
  • Arthur "Spud" P. Spudinski - Charlie Finn
  • Trixie Carter - Miss Kittie

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