America First (policy)

political catch phrase

America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that emphasizes U.S. nationalism and unilateralism.

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  • That sales pitch he's making to be your President?  Put your faith in him -- and you'll win big?  That's the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses. Then Trump walked away, and left working people holding the bag.   He also talks a big game about putting America First. Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado.  Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan. Trump furniture in Turkey, not Ohio.  Trump picture frames in India, not Wisconsin. Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again -- well, he could start by actually making things in America again.
  • the jingoes and war speculators are filling the air with the sentimental slogan of hypocritical nationalism, "America for Americans," "America first, last, and all the time...The very proclaimers of "America first" have long before this betrayed the fundamental principles of real Americanism...the other truly great Americans who aimed to make of this country a haven of refuge, who hoped that all the disinherited and oppressed people in coming to these shores would give character, quality and meaning to the country.
    • Emma Goldman, "Preparedness, the Road to Universal Slaughter" (1915)

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