Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

Pakistani Sufi leader (1934-2017)

Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (Urdu: شيخ المکرم (Urdu: امیر محمد اکرم اعوان‬‎, Amīr Muḥammad Akram A‘wān; born 31 December 1934 in Noorpur Sethi, British India – died 7 December 2017 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan) was the Shaikh of Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah and the leader of political party Tanzeem Al-Akhwan of Pakistan.


  • The masses had already confused the meanings of Tasawwuf and it was believed that Sufis are those miserable failures in the world, who escape reality and pass their time as recluses in dark corners of oratories or mosques and that, they are incapable of self-sustenance and cannot courageously face the rigors of practical life. But this concept is not correct. The real Tasawwuf was taught by the Holy Prophet-SAW himself to his students, the Companions.

  • According to the Quran, Companions were the exemplary Muslims.
  • The news about Ghazwah-tal Hind taking place in the sub-continent has been given by the Holy Prophet‑saws and has reached his Ummah through his blessed statements. I had starting speaking, during the decade of the 90’s, about its taking place in the sub-continent. At that time people were sceptical about it happening and felt strange even talking about it. However, now the situation is becoming clearer by the day and even the common man has started to understand that this conflict is bound to take place. Its time is known only to Allah‑swt, but its occurrence is most certain, because it is a Divine Decision, about which we have been informed by the Holy Prophet‑saws. He is the most Truthful of the truthful, and it is our trust in him that is known as Iman (Faith).

  • There are two very attractive facts about Ghazwah-tal Hind. The first is that, a Muslim, who participates in it with Iman and sincerity, to support the Truth and to subdue falsehood, will be declared as free from Jahannam by Allah‑swt. If he is killed in it, he will be included in the most chosen of the Shuhada and if he lives, he will receive the certificate of freedom from Jahannam. Secondly; Although it will be a very intense and protracted war, it will end in victory for Islam and the Muslims. Pakistan will no longer remain a small Muslim country but the entire al-Hind will turn into an Islamic state. The Renaissance of Islam will commence here and Truth will prevail over the entire world.
  • We wish that Allah‑swt accepts us for Ghazwah-tal Hind, but it is only in Allah’s Knowledge how we will participate in it. We should be sure that our intention is so pure that even if we pass away from this world before the Ghazwah, still Allah‑swt will, Insha Allah, include us in the ranks of its Mujahideen on the Day of Judgement in the Field of Resurrection! So, examine your beliefs, your deeds, and your conduct, and prove yourself to be a full time servant of the Holy Prophet‑saws. All blessings, all goodness awaits the person who fulfils his covenant of loyalty to the Holy Prophet‑saws.
  • You feel afraid of small, insignificant rulers and obey them; shouldn’t you fear and obey the Sole, Absolute Ruler? He has taken no son for Himself. The Jews say, ‘Uzair-as is the son of Allah’; the Christians claim, ‘Jesus is the son of Allah.’ But He says: ‘I have no son.’ He is the Absolute, the Single; there can be none like Him. A son necessarily belongs to the genre and species of his father. The son of a human being would be a human, the young of an elephant would be an elephant and that of a bird would essentially be a bird, inheriting the attributes of its father. If God had a son, he would have been another god. But, He neither has any son, nor any partner in His sovereignty; He is the Absolute Ruler, no one can interfere with His rule. It is He Who has created everything.

  • We wrongly consider the Shaikh as someone who can remove our distress, take our worries away and fulfil our needs. We forget that those personalities who are granted such offices have to undergo more worldly trials than us commoners; they face more diseases and encounter greater difficulties than others. This is the Sunnah of the holy Prophet-saws who said, “I had to face more troubles than any other Prophet.”

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