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American actress

Amber Nicole Benson (born January 8, 1977, in Birmingham, Alabama) is an American actress best known for playing Tara Maclay, Willow's love interest in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Amber Benson in 2011

Quotes edit

  • It was interesting to have humanoid villains that were rooted in our three-dimensional reality... or four dimensional reality, I'm not sure which!
    • Amber Benson - Interview at Madame Tussaud's - 10 December, 2003
  • I wouldn't want to forget anything, even the weird stuff and the bad stuff. It makes you who you are.
    • Amber Benson - Interview at Madame Tussaud's - 10 December, 2003
  • I really didn't want Tara to be bad, and that would have been a component of me coming back. As much as I wanted to come back—and I almost did—that was something that was dogging my not wanting to come back. I just felt like people really loved that character and for her to be bad would just destroy people. So that was one of the reasons I didn't go back.

Willow & Tara (2000-2002) edit

Written by Amber Benson & Christopher Golden

  • I saw them in the grocery store [...] sitting benignly in their spinning racks, their technicolor faces looked like a not very girl-friendly amalgam of muscles, testosterone and pulpy, bloody flesh.
    • Introduction
  • Willow: Tell me a story.
    Tara: Okay. Once upon a time, there was, um... a kitty. She was very little, and she was all alone, and nobody wanted her.
    Willow: This is a very upsetting story.
    • This Year's Girl [4.15]
  • Tara: Well, I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad. It's depressing.
    • Family [5.6]
  • Willow: What did I have for breakfast this morning? Do you remember?
    Tara: Huh?
    Willow: I-I wanna say bagel, but I think that was yesterday. You had two eggs sunny side up. I remember because they were wiggling at me like little boobs.
    Tara: Sassy eggs.
    • Triangle [5.11]
  • Willow: Don't worry, we're sure to spot Faith first. She's like this cleavagey slutbomb walking around going, "Ooh, check me out, I'm wicked cool, I'm five by five."
    Tara: "Five by five?" Five what by five what?
    Willow: See, that's the thing. No one knows.
    • Checkpoint [5.12]
  • Spike: I had a muscle cramp. Buffy was, uh, helping.
    Tara: A muscle cramp... in your pants?
    Spike: What? It's a thing.
    • I Was Made to Love You [5.15]
  • Tara: Sweetie, you wouldn't blow off a class if your head was on fire.
    • Forever [5.17]
  • Anya: How 'bout you, ever play Shiver Me Timbers?
    Tara: I'm not really much for the timber.
    • Tough Love [5.19]
  • Willow: Questions. Great.
    Tara: W-we can answer questions.
    Nigel: Good. I need to know a little bit more about the Slayer, and about the both of you. Your relationship, whatever you can tell me.
    Tara: O-o-our relationship?
    Willow: We're friends.
    Tara: Good friends.
    Willow: Girlfriends, actually.
    Tara: Yes, we're girlfriends.
    Willow: We're in love. W-we're lovers. We're lesbian, gay-type lovers.
    Nigel: I meant your relationship with the Slayer.
    • All the Way [6.6]
  • Willow: Hey, clothes.
    Tara: Better not get used to 'em.
    • Older and Far Away [6.14]
  • Tara: No more talk of gloomy Angel, though. Only happy thoughts. Sunshine, picnic, that spell we did last night. With the oil?
    • Seeing Red [6.19]
  • Willow: We can come by between classes. Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it's been pointed out to me that that's, you know, insane.
    Tara: I said "quirky."

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