Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter

Ama Serwah Genfi (4 July 1994) Ama Serwah Genfi, known professionally as Amaarae, is a Ghanaian singer known for her work around representation of gender and race in music. After collaborating with local artists and putting out a few non-album singles, she released her debut EP, Passionfruit Summers,in 2017.



  • “You have to look at your art as a commodity, and you have to understand how the world of commerce works. Otherwise, it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and leave you quite disillusioned.”
  • “As a human being, you retain the right to your freedom - mental, physical, emotional, financial, sexual, etc. Being a young African we’ve been bred with our core values out of fear.”
  • Nobody owes you anything. It’s really up to you to make the best out of situations

  • Power changes hands. Be respectful and kind to everyone, you never know whose help you might need.
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