Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

2000 animated film

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman is a 2000 film about the Chipmunks suspecting that their neighbor is a werewolf.

Directed by Kathi Castillo. Written by John Loy.


Theodore: Who was it this time, Alvin?
Alvin: It was Wolfman.
Theodore: Aye, nuts.
Simon: I knew it. [takes out a tally chart of Alvin's monster nightmares] Two more Wolfman nightmares and Theodore owes me… [yawns and turns the lamp off] a new bunsen burner.
Alvin: [turns the lamp back on] Wait a minute, guys. Let's stay up a while and… play.
Simon: Alvin, it's late. [turns the lamp back off]
Alvin: [turns the lamp back on again] Okay, I admit it. I'm freaked out! Who's our new neighbor?
Theodore: Mr. Talbot?
Alvin: Exactly. His dog was howling again. That always spooks me.
Dave: [enters the Chipmunks' room and turns on the lights] Face it, Alvin. It's because you watch monster movies late at night.
Alvin: Dave, has anyone talked to you about your dandruff?
Dave: I mean it, Alvin! This is getting WAY out of hand! Now, back to sleep, everybody. You got school tomorrow. [turns off the lights]
Theodore: [getting back in his bed] Oh, yeah, school.

Simon: Theodore, since when don't you like avocadoes?
Theodore: Since Nathan's been stealing my lunch. He hates them.
Simon: Silly me. You wouldn't want to offend your attacker.

Brittany: I hate fog.
Simon: [sighs] It's nearly condensed water vapor suspended…
Brittany: Like I care! It's creepy and it makes my hair frizz!

Dave: [puts his hand on Alvin's shoulder, startling him] Alvin, that was Miss Miller. She has a house full of screaming Chipettes. Would you like to tell me why?
Alvin: [nervously] Who's in the mood for lasagna?
[Dave enters the Chipmunks' room and starts confiscating Alvin's monster merchandise]
Alvin: [watching in shock] Dave, what are you doing?!
Dave: This monster mania of yours has gotten completely out of control! As of now, your monster days are over! No movies, no models, NO Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! [Alvin gasps in deep horrified shock] You're going cold turkey!

Alvin: Mr. Talbot is a werewolf! And I'm not going to rest until I prove it.
Simon: And apparently, neither am I.
Alvin: Are you in, or... in?
Simon: Given those choices... I'm in.

Dave: Theodore, what's wrong? [notices the bitten marks on his hand] What happened to your hand?
Theodore: [softly weeping] I was coming back from Eleanor's… and I… I got bit by a dog! A really big one! [sobs softly]

Brittany: I don't get it, Theodore was always the sweet one.
Simon: What about me?
Brittany: You're the smart one.
Alvin: And me?
Brittany: [scoffs] You're the other one.

Dave: I've got to get to the school and warn the kids!