Alphonse Allais

French writer and humorist

Alphonse Allais (20 October 185428 October 1905) was a French satirist.

Alphonse Allais

Quotes Edit

  • Partir, c'est mourir un peu... mais mourir, c'est partir beaucoup.
  • Première communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige.
    • First communion of chlorotic young girls in the snow.
    • Title of an entirely white painting exhibited at Expositions des Arts Incohérents 1884-5 organised by Jules Lèvy.
    • See wikipedia on chlorosis, a form on anemia. Also cf. the later "white paintings" by Robert Rauschenberg.
  • Marche Funèbre composée pour les Funérailles d'un grand homme sourd.

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