Alp Arslan

Sultan of Turkish Seljuk Empire from 1063 to 1072

Muhammad bin Da'ud (1029 – December 15, 1072) was the second sultan of the dynasty of Seljuk Turks, in Persia, and great-grandson of Seljuk, the founder of the dynasty. He assumed the name of Muhammed when he embraced Islam, and due to his military prowess, personal valor, and fighting skills he obtained the surname Alp Arslan, which signifies "a valiant lion."

Alp Arslan humiliating Emperor Romanos IV after the Battle of Manzikert. From a 15th-century illustrated French translation of Boccacio's De Casibus Virorum Illustrium].


  • My punishment is far heavier, I forgive you, and set you free.
    • Attributed in: R. Scott Peoples (2007) Crusade of Kings. p. 13

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