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Almost Human an American science fiction/crime drama that aired from November 17, 2013, through March 3, 2014, on Fox. The series was created by J. H. Wyman for Frequency Films, Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television. Wyman, Bryan Burk and J. J. Abrams are executive producers. After one season, Fox canceled the series on April 29, 2014.

Season 1


Skin [1.02]


[Kennex and Dorian investigate a murder, when a group of kids come over]

Kid 1: You're a bot?
Dorian: Yes I am.
Kid 2: What can you do?
[Dorian shows them his electronical communication system]
Kid 2: Are you a robot too?
Kennex: No, I'm a human.
Kid 2: Oh. What can you do?
[Kennex takes out a knife, stabs his fake leg, and lets the knife hang there. The kids run away screaming.]
Kennex: No, no, wait. It doesn't even hurt! I've got a synthetic leg.
Dorian: ...I haven't even been a child, and I know that would scare one. What's the matter with you?

Are You Receiving? [1.03]


The Bends [1.04]


Blood Brothers [1.05]

John: Wait, you are a robot. What do you do with it?
Dorian: Probably the same you do with yours. Nothing.
John: I do plenty with mine.

Arrhythmia [1.06]

Dorian: When I was decommissioned, the second before it happened I just kept thinking "I really hope there's someone there to wake me up again." I just want to be a cop, man. I just want to be here. And then you woke me up. It was you. You were that person for me, John.
John: Well, we all make mistakes.
Dorian: I want to be that person for him.

Quotes about Almost Human

  • DRNs were created to be cops, but they were also created to have souls. They were designed to feel. That makes them unpredictable and is part of what makes this show interesting. 
    These machines are almost human. Almost, but not quite.
    If we look at the first six episodes as a whole, what we see is how John views Dorian less and less like a machine with each passing day. Dorian views himself less and less like a machine as well. The lines between those who can create and those who are created are getting blurred.
    The other line getting blurred on Almost Human is the one between the fantasy and reality of the show.
    One of the things I love about science-fiction is when the fiction is just real enough for the science to seem possible.

Cast and characters

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