All Quiet on the Western Front (2022 film)

All Quiet on the Western Front is a 2022 German epic anti-war film about a young German soldier's terrifying experiences and distress on the western front during World War I.

Directed by Edward Berger. Written by Edward Berger, Lesley Paterson, and Ian Stokell, based on the 1928 novel by Erich Maria Remarque.

Paul Bäumer

  • The stench will remain on us forever.
  • When you're starving, you'll do anything.

Stanislaus "Kat" Katczinsky

  • Germany will soon be empty.

Matthias Erzberger

  • All that's left separating us from an armistice is false pride.
  • My son killed in the war. He doesn't feel any honor.

General Friedrichs

  • What is a soldier without war?
  • General Friedrichs: A man is born alone, he lives alone, and dies alone.


Stanislaus Katczinsky: [commenting on the German advance] Paul, if we keep up this pace, we won't have conquered France for 180 years. I worked it out. [laughs]
Paul Bäumer: Don't let them catch you, Kat.

[French cannons bombard the German trenches]
Tjaden Stackfleet: Creeping barrage.
Paul Bäumer: What?
Tjaden Stackfleet: Every couple of minutes, the artillery barrage makes an advance forward. And directly after that, the infantry moves forward.
Albert Kropp: What does that mean exactly?
Stanislaus Katczinsky: That they are coming!

[On Marshal Foch's private train, Matthias Erzberger negotiates a ceasefire with the French]
Matthias Erzberger: Monsieur le Maréchal, I am asking you for an armistice.
General Ferdinand Foch: [after handing the document of armistice to Matthias] You have 72 hours to accept our conditions. They are non-negotiable.
Matthias Erzberger: Seventy-two hours?
General Ferdinand Foch: The war will continue until you sign them.
Matthias Erzberger: Monsieur le Maréchal, in God's name, don't let 72 hours pass us by here. Thousands of lives depend on it.
General Ferdinand Foch: [Marshal stands up to hand a pen to Matthias] Sign then!

Paul Bäumer: I'm afraid of what's about to come.
Stanislaus Katczinsky: Don't be.