Alice in Wonderland (1976 film)

1976 pornographic musical film directed by Bud Townsend
For other uses of "Alice in Wonderland", see Alice in Wonderland (disambiguation).

Alice in Wonderland is a 1976 erotic musical film about Alice, a virginal librarian, who enters Wonderland, and meets characters from the book, but with an erotic emphasis.

Directed by Bud Townsend. Written by Bucky Searles. Based on the novel of Lewis Carroll.
An X-Rated Musical Comedy.(taglines)


  • Well if it feels good, there's a good chance it must be bad.
  • Oh my goodness... Are you all right?... I thought I'd broken it.


  • We don't have any towels. We had one once, but it was stolen by a hotel.

King of Hearts

  • [to Alice] May my rod and staff comfort thee.


Alice: Oh! It looks like somebody had an accident.
The White Rabbit: THAT'S a funny thing to call it.

Humpty Dumpty: Who's she? I've never seen HER before.
Mad Hatter: She's new in these parts.

The White Rabbit: She's embarrassed - I think she's still a virgin.
Mad Hatter: Well if that's the case, she should be embarrassed. I've never heard of such a thing.
Alice: Well I'm trying to learn, honestly, but I can't have everything shoved down my throat all at once.
Mad Hatter: Well I don't see why not.

Tweedledum: Oh, Dee! You're so great! I love you like a brother!
Tweedledee: Dum, aren't you forgetting? I AM your brother.

Mad Hatter: And after the King's ball comes off, we're eating dinner in the Queen's box.
Alice: Dinner in the Queen's box?
Mad Hatter: Well not dinner exactly, it's more like a boxed lunch.

Alice: Don't you think you should put that thing away?
Mad Hatter: Certainly not, I just let it out! Don't you like it?
Alice: Well... Yes, it's very nice.
Mad Hatter: You may touch it.
Alice: Oh, I couldn't!
Mad Hatter: I don't see why not.
Alice: Well, because it's yours.
Mad Hatter: [rolling his eyes] I'll share it with you.

Maggy: What is this?
Alice: It's my breast.
Maggy: What is this for?
Alice: One day, when I have a baby, it'll have milk in it.
Maggy: Oh, it's pretty.

Queen of Hearts: I want her head!
Alice: Please Ma'am, I'm just learning about life, I'm too young to die, don't cut off my head.
Queen of Hearts: You misunderstand me, doll. I don't wanna cut off your head. I want you to give me some head.

Queen of Hearts: [Alice is asking for a fair trial] A Trial? Where is it written, that we have to give you a trial?
Mad Hatter: It says so right here in this book.
[showing the King of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"]


  • An X-Rated Musical Comedy.
  • The world's favorite bedtime story.


  • Kristine DeBell – Alice
  • Bucky Searles – Humpty Dupty
  • Ron Nelson – William
  • Alan Novak – Mad Hatter
  • J. P. Paradine – Judge/Scrugg
  • Larry Gelman – The White Rabbit