Alfano I, Archbishop of Salerno

Archbishop of Salerno

Alfano I, Archbishop of Salerno (died 1085) was a noted physician and ecclesiastic, archbishop of Salerno from 1058, who worked at the famous Schola Medica Salernitana.


  • doctrinam huiusmodi copiosius a perpluribus dicta auctoribus, et praecipue ab his quos mater educavit Graecia, Latinorum cogente penuria, . . . transferenda conferam
    • Translation: ...for the teaching of this kind I will devote myself to translating what is said more fully by many authors, and especially those whom mother Greece educated, whilst the Latins were oppressed by lack, . . . of knowledge.
    • From the preface to his translation of the Premnon phisicon of Nemesius.


  • Tum medicinali tantum florebat in arte, posset ut hic nullus languor hobere locum
    • Translation: Medicine was so advanced in Salerno that there was no place for illness.[1].