Alexis Tsipras

Prime Minister of Greece (2015; 2015–2019)

Alexios (Alexis) Tsipras (Greek: Αλέξης Τσίπρας) (born 28 July 1974) is a Greek left politician, member of the Hellenic Parliament, president of the Synaspismós political party and head of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) parliamentary group.

Alexis Tsipras in 2014


  • I want to be honest with you. We did not achieve the agreement we expected before the January elections... I feel the deep ethical and political responsibility to put to your judgment all I have done, successes and failures.

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  • Millions of Europeans looked with hope to this country, and it was Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza government (elected that January) [2015] that had the responsibility for keeping that window open, and for opening it up further for others. What these millions wanted a break from was not even true neoliberalism, but what I would call bankruptocracy — a new regime in which the greatest power was wielded by the most bankrupt bankers. Tsipras’s surrender in July 2015 closed that window of opportunity...
    Ever since he surrendered to the troika, Tsipras... dilemma put to progressives: “Who do you want to torture you — an enthusiastic torturer, or someone like me who doesn’t want to torture you but will do it to keep his job?” This was his line in September 2015 [in that year’s second general election, after Syriza caved to the troika]. But four years later, after pushing through the most naked, harshest austerity policies anywhere in Europe... he can no longer blackmail progressives with lesser-evil arguments... Can you believe that Tsipras has become best buddies with Benjamin Netanyahu?
  • I once spoke to a politician, a man that I respect and I will say the name: Alexis Tsipras. And speaking of this and the accords not to let [migrants] in, he explained the difficulties to me, but in the end, he spoke to me from the heart and said this phrase: <human rights are before accords>.
    • Pope Francis saying in a transcript of the Catholic News Agency during a press conference[1] (1 April 2019)
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