4th century BC Athenian comic poet

Alexis (c. 375 BC – c. 275 BC) was a Greek comic poet.

Quotes edit

  • Once thou art wed, no longer canst thou be
    Lord of thyself.
    • Fabulae Incertae, Fragment 34, 7.
  • Of all thy blessings reckon wealth the least,
    For 'tis the least secure of our possessions.
    • Fabulae Incertae, Fragment 37.
  • Though Fortune now be smiling, it behoves
    To look ahead, nor e'er to trust in Fortune.
    • Fabulae Incertae, Fragment 42.
  • Not in vain oaths should prudent men believe,
    But put their trust in actions.
    • Olynthia, Fragment 4.
  • Our life is like to dice, which ever fall
    In varying combinations; no one form
    Has man's existence, but 'tis full of change.
    • Stobaeus, Florilegium, CV., 4.
  • Most wise men were agreed that it were best
    Not to be born, but if that may not be,
    Then with the least delay to reach the goal.
    • Mandragorizomene, Fragment 1, 14.

References edit

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