Alexandros Panagoulis

Greek politician and poet (1939-1976)

Alexandros Panagoulis (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Παναγούλης) (2 July 19391 May 1976) was a Greek politician and poet. He took an active role in the fight against the Regime of the Colonels (1967–1974) in Greece. He was the partner of Oriana Fallaci.

Alexandros Panagoulis in 1973

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Vi scrivo da un carcere in Grecia (I write you from a prison in Greece) (1974) edit

  • The teardrops which you will see
    flowing from our eyes
    you should never believe
    signs of despair.
    They are only promise
    promise for Fight.
    • Promise, written in Military Prisons of Bogiati February 1972.
  • A match as a pen
    Blood on the floor as ink
    The forgotten gauze cover as paper
    But what should I write?
    I might just manage my address.
    This ink is strange; it clots.
    I write you from a prison
    in Greece.
    • My Address, written in Military Prisons of Bogiati, 5 June 1971 – After beating.
  • I gave life to the walls
    a voice I gave them
    more friendly so that would become my company
    and the guards asked
    to know where they could find the paint.

    The walls of the cell
    kept the secret
    and the mercenaries searched everywhere
    but paint they could not find.

    Because they did not think for one moment
    that they should search into my veins.

    • I Bogia (The Paint).

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