Alex Holeh Ahavah

1986 film by Boaz Davidson

Alex Holeh Ahavah {"in hebraw-Alex Is Lovesick"} is an Israeli comedy film about the teenager Alex which his Bar-Mitzhav is coming closer.

  • "Mi zarak beitza ze?! Huliganim! Hayot"!{Who threw egg this?! Hulligans! Animals"!} The teacher Leonid is screaming in hebraw, a languege he's not so goot at, to find who's blame.
  • "Ma ze?? Tze mikan, retze'akh. Ata lo mitbayesh im isha begili?{"What is this?? Get out of here, murderer! Don't you ashame with a woman in my age?"}-Anna, Alex's grandmother, screaming at Faruk after she thought he did something he actually didn't do.
  • "Nu, eich hashadyim shele? Kmo tapuhim, nahon"?{Well, how are her tits? Like apples, right"?}-Gadi Fishenzon after he let his friend see his sister, Fritzi, showering but it was his father actually who entered the shower.
  • "Sfatayim shela'kh kmo krokodil"{"?Your lips are like an crocodile"}-Faruk and his sexual fantasy which was actually with a chicken.
  • "Geveret, ze meod beyoker"!{"Mrs, it's very expensive"!}-Klara, Alex's mom, doesn't agree at first to pay 2 liras for half a pack of swiss butter.
  • "Yesh basar of, efshar la'asot marak".{"There is chicken meat, you can make a soup".}-Ya'akov, the husband of the owner of the black market, before he gave Alex and his mom a live chicken.