Alauddin Khalji's conquest of Jalore

In 1311 Delhi Sultanate ruler Alauddin Khalji dispatched an army to capture the Jalore Fort in present-day Rajasthan, India. Jalore was ruled by the Chahamana ruler Kanhadadeva, whose armies had earlier fought several skirmishes with the Delhi forces, especially since Alauddin's conquest of the neighboring Siwana fort.

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Padmanābha, ., & Bhatnagar, V. S. (1991). Kānhaḍade prabandha: India's greatest patriotic saga of medieval times : Padmanābha's epic account of Kānhaḍade. New Delhi: Voice of India.
  • The Emperor's reply was plain and firm: "We have nine lacs of mounted troops and ten lacs foot soldiers. Any number of them may be killed, yet a great number of them will still remain." The Hindus, on the other hand, are said to have eighty thousand foot, and, in all one lac horsemen. Do not tum back even if your losses reach twice their number.! You know, Kanhadade will not break his word; he would not make a night attack in any case."!"? And rightly so, says Padmanabha Pandita. Even if the Dhruva star becomes unstable, the noble people do not break their pledge.""
  • Viramade, in the interest of the dynasty, ruled for three and half days. His queens, all of noble lineage, now prepared for Jauhar* They took bath, distributed charities, and visited the temple. Accompanying their lord in death, they said, "By performing Jauhar, we will bring glory to the families."?9? Their female companions, all lovely and beautiful, looked on tearfully as the queens walked up to the bastion and, controlling their tears, they addressed their beloved Jalor mountain: *°"
  • "O beautiful and lovely one! We bid you adieu in this life, fair one, till we meet aggin in our next birth. We pray that Viramade be bom again in the noble Chauhana house*” and may we again be his consorts here at Sonagiri."> Saying these words, they walked up to the Jauhar site, and filled with exalted emotions, they sacrificed themselves in the raging fire.25
  • Thinking that the Turks would try to capture him alive, Viramade spoke rousing words to his men and thrust a curved dagger (Karari) in his waist band, and tied it fast.2 Filled with buming ardour, Raval Viramade put on the armour and secured it firmly over his body. That peerless warrior mounted his horse and gave out an angry roar as he advanced against the Turkish army;*” this filled the Rauts with the same angry passion. Who could bear the mighty blows of their weapons! Knowing that heavy burden had fallen upon their young prince, they plied their weapons well and put up a splendid fight. The praise of the valorous deeds of the warriors were being sung on both the sides as the HindUs and the Turks engaged in hand to hand combat. The Hindis succeeded in driving back the Turks, slaughtering them as they retreated.>” Right till the midday the Rai continued the fight against the Turkish army. At last, after slaying a large number of Mlechchhas, Viramade fell, having received several sword cuts and thrusts from the enemy blades.?!°

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