Alan Dzagoev

Russian association football player

Alan Yelizbarovich Dzagoev (born June 17, 1990) is a Russian international football midfielder who plays for CSKA Moscow.

Alan Dzagoev in 2018

Quotes edit

  • CSKA is one big family. Honestly, I'm very lucky being in that club.
  • When you want to stick to the highest level, there is no time for fun.
  • I was so glad to get my first boots that for a few days I didn't take them off. I wore them to school, to visit people, and simply to walk on the street.

About Alan Dzagoev edit

  • About Alan I'll emphasize one important trait. He was wonderfully brought up by his parents, and for that I would like to thank them myself, and as I think, in the name of the entire Russian football. Another important thing, is that Alan is very hard-working and modest.
  • Dzagoev doesn't like pathos, and that's a very positive thing.
  • Dzagoev plays football not for fame and money, but because, football is his life. It is rare today that a victory is more important for a player, then the prize-money for it. But Alan - is exactly that case.
    • Igor Rodkin, 2008. [6]

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