Akua Njeri

American writer and activist

Akua Njeri (formerly known as Deborah Johnson) is an American writer and activist. She is a former member of the Illinois Chapter Black Panthers and was Fred Hampton's fiancée. She is a survivor of the December 4, 1969, assassination of Hampton and Mark Clark. She is the mother of Fred Hampton Jr.

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  • Chicago is a living testimony that the counterinsurgency continues in America, just as it does in Oakland, in St. Petersburg, Florida, in Berkeley, California, in Wichita, Kansas and throughout the U.S. This government wages a war against oppressed people which has now come to be known as a “war on drugs.” This counterinsurgency, this so-called “war on drugs,” criminalizes a whole class of people, black people in particular. This capitalistic government uses the drugs it has put into our community as a justification for the attacks on the community.

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