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Akira (film)

Japanese animated action film from 1988
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Akira is a 1988 anime film based on the manga series of the same name.

Original Manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. Screenplay also by Katsuhiro Otomo.



  • I customized that bike for myself. It's too wild; you couldn't handle it.
  • He's not your friend, he's ours! If somebody's gonna kill him, it should be us!
  • [to a man dressed in a black suit] What's with the getup, huh? You goin' to a funeral?!
  • [holding soldiers at gunpoint] Hands up, now! Where in the hell's the frickin' baby room?!
  • [when he claims to Ryu he knows who the new subject is] Come on... don't they say the only foolish questions are unasked ones? [Ryu walks up to him with a sinister expression] Eh? They don't?
  • TETSUO!!


  • Twin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel! And these look like computer controlled anti-lock brakes! Wow, 200 horses at 12,000 RPM.
  • [Hearing Akira's name in his mind] I'M NOT AKIRA!
  • I am... Tetsuo...
  • There's no use in hiding
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You want me to enroll in that kindergarden and live happily ever after, huh?! "Be quiet, do what you're told, take your medicine every day" and end up all shriveled like those kids?!
  • KANEDA!!!


  • My job isn't to believe or disbelieve. It is to act or not act!
  • Scientists are a bunch of romantics. Military men always consider the risks first.
  • Enough! Open up your eyes and look at the big picture; You're all puppets of corrupt politicians and capitalists. Don't you understand, it's utterly pointless to fight each other.
  • Look at what they abandoned in their panic, they were afraid! They were too scared, so they hid it away from the public. They forgot all shame and honor, cast off the civilization and science we had created, and shut the lid of the Pandora's Box they themselves had opened.
  • We can't dance to the tune of corrupt politicans and capitalists!
  • It is not a soldier's duty to make policy, I follow my orders.
  • The people lost their pride in our great achievement a long time ago. Now all these fools care about is indulging themselves.


  • Kai: Something seemed strange the second I saw his face. It's odd. He was wearing what looked like a white hospital gown. He acted like a different person. Yamagata asked him if he was really Tetsuo or if he was someone else.
  • Police Officer: I'm not that much older than you, so don't call me pops or you'll find yoursef polishin' my boots with your tongue!


Tetsuo: Let's run away somewhere.
Kaori: Where would we go?
Tetsuo: Anywhere. Just the farther the better

Officer A: All right, the story is, you and your friends went out at night on your bikes to visit your dying mother. Another bunch of biker hooligans called the Clowns attacked you. They hurt your friend,you lost your temper, and that's why eight of these Clowns are now in the hospital.
[Officer B looks through files of recently brought criminals and a picture of Kei appears on his current page. Kaneda looks over at that picture]
Kaneda: Wowee! She's sure hot.
Officer B: Hey! This is confidential!
[Kaneda chuckles, going back to his seat]
Officer A: And how's your mother doing?
Kaneda: Fortunately the worst is over. She cleared the hump.
Officer A: She cleared the hump, huh? What's next, a triathlon?
[Kaneda and a few of his friends laugh]

Colonel: Is it safe Doctor?
Doctor: I will take care of it.
Colonel: No! I wasn’t talking about the boy at all. I’m asking if he turns out to have a power like Akira’s, are you positive that you are be able to control such a power? Can I leave this in your hands?
Doctor: In my opinion, if we can use the latest examination equipment to collect even more data and also do a multi-faceted analysis as we go, then surely…
Colonel: But maybe we weren’t meant to meddle with that ultimate power.
Doctor: You mean the power of a god?
Tetsuo: [in telepathy] A…ki…ra
Colonel: But we have no choice but to grasp that power. Grasp that power and learn to control it. And if this situation gets out of hand, he’s to be terminated… and without hesitation.

Kaneda: [Tetsuo is brutally beating a member of the Clown gang] You're gonna kill him, Tetsuo. You want that?
Tetsuo: I want him more than dead, I'll split his freaking head open!
Kaneda: Just knock it off now! This all happened because you took my bike for a spin. Enough already.
Kaneda: We were just worried.
Tetsuo: Why do you always have to try and save me? I could handle it on my own. Yeah, I admit I've gotten beaten before, but I won't always be on the receiving end, you hear that? YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!
Kaori: Tetsuo, I...
Tetsuo: [crying] Shut up... go away!

Tetsuo: Kaneda? What are you doing in here?
Kaneda: Tetsuo! Are you okay? I'm here for the rescue! Hurry up! What are you? Stupid? If we don't get outta here, those...
[several army soldiers enter the room]
Soldier: There he is! Capture him!
Tetsuo: You keep away!
[Tetsuo uses his telekinetic powers to forcibly blast the soldiers away by lifting the floor, which also throws Kaneda hurtfully]
Kei: Kaneda!
Tetsuo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's right! I forgot you were there. There, do you see, Kaneda? I won't be needing you to come to the rescue ever again, okay? From now on, I'll be in charge of the heroics. So, if you need any saving, just ask, Kanny.
Kaneda: Damn it, Tetsuo! Who the hell do you think you're talking to, ya moron?
Tetsuo: Hah! You don't like what you're hearing, do ya? Makes you angry? So what are you gonna do now? Well, Kaneda? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW?!!

Kaneda: What's wrong? Have some trouble?
Tetsuo: Yeah. But I already took care of it. And you're too late, you missed the show.
Kaneda: Tetsuo, you had me worried again. I figured you'd be standing here sobbing like a little baby.
Tetsuo: Kaneda, you've always been a pain in the ass, y'know. You've been telling me what to do since we were kids. You always treat me like a kid. You always show up and start bossing me around, and don't you deny it!
Kaneda: And now you're a boss too. Of this pile of rubble.
Tetsuo: KANEDA!!!
Kaneda: That's MISTER Kaneda to YOU, punk!
Tetsuo: DIE!!!!

Takashi: It's too much for Tetsuo... And for the three of us also... And for Akira too.
Masaru: It's way to big for us, as we are now.
Kiyoko: But someday we aught to be able to...
Masaru: Because it has already begun.

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