Akiba ben Joseph

leading Jewish scholar and sage, a tanna

Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph (c. 40135 CE) was one of the leading rabbis of the 2nd century; he was martyred by the Romans. He has been called the father of Rabbinic Judaism.


  • 'Love your fellow as yourself'- Rabbi Akiva says: This is the great principal of the Torah
    • Jerusalem Talmud Nedarim 30b
  • Jesting and levity lead a man to lewdness.
  • Beloved is man, for he was created in the image of God.
  • Beloved are Israel, for they were called children of the All-present.
  • Nothing in the entire world is worthy but for that day on which The Song of Songs was given to Israel
  • Who is wealthy?... Rabbi Akiva says: Anyone who has a wife whose actions are pleasant
  • (To his 24,000 pairs of students) My (Torah knowledge) and yours are hers (his wife)
  • All my days I have been troubled by the verse: "With all your soul", meaning: Even if God takes your soul. I said to myself: When will the opportunity be afforded me to fulfill this verse?

Quotes about Rabbi AkivaEdit

  • Rabbi Yehuda said: This was the custom of Rabbi Akiva, when he would pray with the congregation he would shorten (his prayer) and go up, due to encumbrance on the congregation. But when he prayed by himself a person would leave (Rabbi Akiva alone) in one corner and find him in another corner. And why so much? Because of his bows and prostrations.
  • Rabbi Tarfon said: Akiva, anyone who separates from you, it is as though he has separated from life
  • They said about Rabbi Akiva that in all his days he never said (to his students that the)” time had come to arise in the study hall”. except for the eves of Passover and the eve of Yom Kippur

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