Aishatu Madawaki

Nigerian academic and politician

Aishatu Madawaki, OFR (born in 1951) is a Nigerian academic and politician. She was the first woman professor from the old Sokoto caliphate states (comprising present-day Sokoto State, Zamfara State and Kebbi State), an Islamic dominated region in Northern Nigeria. In 1999, she was made commissioner for women affairs and social development by the Attahiru Bafarawa-led administration. Madawaki is also an advocate for the representation of Nigerian women in politics.

Quotes edit

  • For any development to take place, there has to be gender equity.
    • [1] From an international women's day rally (March 8 2017)
  • Women are very peaceful, tolerant, incorruptible and patriotic.
    • [2] From an international women's day rally (March 8 2017)
  • [3] Aishatu Madawaki speaks on the girl child education
  • Give her skills that would enable her to empower herself, not just acquiring the knowledge. Let the knowledge be there and the knowledge not just the theoretical aspect but let’s have the practical aspect.

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