Air (visual novel)

Japanese visual novel, manga and anime series

Air is a Japanese visual novel which was developed by Key and released on September 8, 2000. It was later adapted into a manga series which ran between August 10, 2004 and February 10, 2006 in Japan. An anime series by Kyoto Animation aired in Japan between January 6, 2005 and March 31, 2005, containing thirteen episodes. Two additional episodes of the Air anime were aired after the conclusion of the main plot called Air in Summer. These episodes expanded on the back-story of Air on the events that were the cause for Misuzu's curse. An animated film by Toei Animation was released in Japanese theaters on February 5, 2005. The series follows Yukito Kunisaki who is on a journey looking for the "girl in the sky". He comes upon a small seaside town on his trip and meets three strange girls in the town. Yukito quickly starts to suspect one of them of being the girl he has been searching for.

No element of the series has ever been officially translated into English so the quotations will vary slightly depending on the translation source.

Visual novel

[The quote which appears on the cover of each Air visual novel release. The text was always presented in this fashion.]
The days which are wrapped in the scene of summer and to pass gently
An encounter with the girls repeated in the sunlight
Summer continues to where as well
She is waiting in the air

Kano: Magic exists to make other people happy, you know. (魔法ってね、誰かを幸せにするためにあるんだよ - mahou tte ne, dareka o shiawase ni suru tame ni aru n da yo)

Minagi: There's no point to having wings, when you cannot fly."

Misuzu I can feel another me somewhere up in the sky."



~Breeze~ [2005.1]

[A disembodied female voice speak while a view of the sky is shown.]
Voice: My child, listen carefully. The story that I'm about to tell you is very important. It is a long, long story of a journey that will be passed down from parent to child endlessly, starting now.

[Yukito meets Misuzu for the first time.]
Misuzu: Hello.
Yukito: [In thought] Who is this person?
Misuzu: Are you alone? [Yukito tries to ignore her, but Misuzu moves closer.] It's hot, isn't it?
Yukito: [In thought] What is it? Why are you here? Is it money? If it is, then I have none.
Misuzu: Are you thirsty? I'll buy a drink. [Misuzu runs off to buy a drink, and when she's coming back, she trips, hitting her face on the ground. She comes back and hands him the drink.] Here.
Yukito: You fell.
Misuzu: G-Gao... [Yukito takes a drink of the peach juice, but hates the taste and starts coughing.]
Yukito: [In thought, reading the juice label.] Gooey Concentrated Peach Flavored. [Yukito squeezes out the rest of the juice.]
Misuzu: [Trying to stop him from wasting the juice.] Why did you do that?
Yukito: You're teasing me, aren't you?
Misuzu: That's not true. This drink is good. [Misuzu takes a drink of the juice, enjoying its taste.]

[Yukito meets Kano for the first time. Yukito has just dropped into a creak trying to catch his doll that a dog, named Potato, stole.]
Kano: What are you doing?
Yukito: A mysterious extraterrestrial creature stole my doll and ran away.
Potato: [Potato jumps up next to Kano on the bridges' edge.] Piko!
Kanon: You mean him? Potato isn't an extraterrestrial creature. He's a wild dog from my neighborhood.
Yukito: That thing was actually a dog?
Potato: Piko pikopiko. [Kano nods in agreement.] Pikopiko pikopikopiko pikori. [Kano continues to agree.]
Kano: Oh, I see. I'm sorry for the trouble we've caused you.
Yukito: Why are you apologizing?
Kano: That's because Potato took your doll and ran all the way here. Apparently, he wanted to play with you.
Potato: Pikopiko.
Yukito: You understand what he's saying?
Kano: Yeah, he's my friend. Right, Potato?
Potato: Pikopiko.
Yukito: [Gets up and walks to dry land.] It seems there are worlds on this planet that I don't know. Sorry. [Noticing a bright yellow ribbon tied around Kano's right wrist.] Are you...hurt?
Kano: Oh, this? Um, well...No, I'm still keeping that a secret. I'm Kirishima Kano. You are?
Yukito: Kunisaki Yukito.
Kano: Are you free by any chance?
Yukito: Yeah.
Kano: All right! I'll name you Free Free Planeting Number Two!
Yukito: Who's Number One?
Kano: Me. Potato is Number Three.
Potato: Piko.
Yukito: What does a Free Free Planeting do?
Kano: You're just free. That's the fate of a Free Free Planeting. Potato, we're free, right?
Potato: Pikopiko.
[They walk a little farther, and then Kano stops to inform Yukito she has to leave.]
Kano: I have to go to school now, so we must part here. [Kano runs off.]
Yukito: [Calling after her.] Aren't you a Free Free Planeting?
Kano: [Stops and turns around.] You actually believed something like that? You're such a kid! See you! [Kano turns and starts to run off again.]
Yukito: Are all the one's wearing that uniform weird or something? [Yukito starts to walk off, but is stopped when he hears Kano.]
Kano: Hey!
Yukito: What is it?
Kano: Have you ever wondered what you could do if you could use magical powers?
Yukito: [Short pause.] Huh?
Kano: [Small laugh.] You look surprised. See you! [Kano turns and runs off again.]
Yukito: [In thought.] Magic?

Misuzu: Misuzu-chin is in a pinch!

Yukito: It was the beginning of a summer that was as short as a stars twinkle....and as long as an eternity.

Yukito: Get away from my ramen!

~Town~ [2005.7]

Michiru: HEY! LOOK OUT YUKITO! [headbuts him]
Yukito: Quit attack me, ya little spazz!
Michiru: What are you so upset about? What's the matter? A little girl too much you to handle?
Yukito: Oh, shaddup!

~Wing~ [2005.5]

Tohno: [speaking to Yukito] Have you ever spent time in one place like this? To share your happiness with someone. To share the joy of living for the sake of someone other than yourself.

Tohno: The taller I am, the closer I am to the sky.

Tohno: Do my wings have any meaning if I can't use them to fly?

~Star~ [2005.6]

Michiru: [speaking to Tohno] People can't live without their memories. But they can't live on their memories alone, either. They have to wake up from their dreams. Those dreams will turn into sadness if they don't....Even if you wake up from your dream, your memories will still be there. So please smile. I want our memories to be happy to the very end....I wish everyone would keep smiling so that everyone could be happy and everybody could be warmer.

~Dream~ [2005.7]

Yukito: [speaking to Misuzu about her journal] So from now on, write what you want to do, instead of what you did….I'll help you do whatever you write.

~Natsu~ [2005.8]

Ryuuya: Just pray with your heart. Your wish will come true.

~Moon~ [2005.9]

Ryuuya: Families live so close together it's almost suffocating.

Kanna: [speaking to Ryuuya] This is my last order. Live happily the rest of your life.

~Air~ [2005.12]

Haruko: [speaking about Misuzu] Aren't families great? The happiest and the most painful, everything is there. That's precisely what it means for people to live. So I lived. I lived together with her. We were brash, ragged, strong, and weak…..I have faith now that I'm her mother. Even though I might not be great, I'm her mother.

Haruko: [speaking to Sora] The sky is a forever unreachable place for we humans, who have no wings. So you must fly! For us, since we have no wings. People's dreams and wishes, return them all to this sky! Please! That way, we'll be able to live peacefully. That's what I feel.
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