Ahsoka (TV series)

American television miniseries

Ahsoka (2023) is an eight-part miniseries based on Star Wars, airing on Disney+, centered around former Jedi Ahsoka Tano.

Season 1 edit

Part One: Master and Apprentice edit

[Former Jedi Knight Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati, board the New Republic cruiser Vesper.]
Baylan Skoll: Thank you for allowing us to come on board, Captain...
Captain Hayle: Hayle. If you don't me saying, it's quite a surprise meeting Jedi out here.
Skoll: Our existence remains a mystery to most, Captain Hayle.
Hayle: I bet it does. You put on a good show, but, uh... I don't buy it.
Skoll: I don't understand.
Hayle: You're no Jedi. Just some overconfident Imperial trash who just pushed their luck too far.
Skoll: You're making a mistake.
Hayle: And you, sir, should have surrendered when the Empire collapsed. Jakris, get RD-3 to scan these impostors for identification.
Skoll: Allow me to show you our identification.
[Skoll glances to Hati, who ignites her lightsaber and attacks the crew. Hayle pulls his blaster, but Skoll grips his arm with the Force, immobilizing him.]
Skoll: You were right about one thing, Captain: We are no Jedi. [impales Hayle with his lightsaber]

[Ahsoka is briefed by General Hera Syndulla on Skoll and Hati's attack on the Vesper.]
Hera Syndulla: What's their connection to Morgan Elsbeth?
Ahsoka Tano: I have known her to hire mercenaries in the past.
Syndulla: Well, the investment paid off. They vanished without a trace.
Tano: The day wasn't a total loss. [holds up an engraved sphere]
Syndulla: Star map?
Tano: Not just any star map. This one holds the secret Morgan's after.
Syndulla: Which is?
Tano: The location of the last missing Imperial Grand Admiral... Thrawn.
Syndulla: That's not possible. Thrawn died at the Battle of Lothal.
Tano: His death was never confirmed. I started hearing whispers of his return, which led me to Morgan. She was a great ally of Thrawn's during Imperial rule. She knows something, and the secret is held in that map.
Syndulla: If Thrawn survived, does that mean Ezra...
Tano: I hope so. Nothing is certain, except our enemies believe they know where to look.

Part Two: Toil and Trouble edit

[On Seatos, Elsbeth uses Nightsister magick to activate the star map.]
Morgan Elsbeth: This is our galaxy. [the projection aligns to create a pathway to another galaxy] That is our destination, where Grand Admiral Thrawn is banished.
Baylan Skoll: The Pathway to Peridea?
Elsbeth: Some call it that.
Skoll: The children at the Jedi Temple call it that. Comes from old stories. Fairy tales.
Elsbeth: Tales which are based on truths.
Skoll: You're certain of this? I feel the path forward is clouded.
Elsbeth: [closes her eyes, hearing whispers] Thrawn calls to me... across time and space.
Skoll: You speak of dreams. Vague and fractured hopes.
Elsbeth: The threads of fate do not lie.

Shin Hati: Master... what happens when we find Thrawn?
Baylan Skoll: For some, war. For others... a new beginning.
Hati: And for us?
Skoll: Power. Such as you've never dreamed.

Part Three: Time to Fly edit

[Aboard Home One, Syndulla asks the New Republic Senate for a task force to investigate rumors of Thrawn's return.]
Senator Xiono: General, be honest. Isn't this just another attempt to gain New Republic resources to aid in what has ultimately been your personal quest to find Ezra Bridger?
Syndulla: Ezra vanished while fighting Thrawn.
Xiono: And that you conveniently use the threat of Thrawn's return to acquire those resources that could be put to a more practical purpose, helping the people of our fledgling Republic?
Syndulla: Were you ever in the war, Senator?
Xiono: [long pause] No.
Syndulla: Just sat back and waited to see who came out on top?
Senator Mawood: General Syndulla, I am sure we are all grateful for your service and role in restoring the Republic. Now we, as Senators, serve the people of that Republic, and I can tell you they want no part in any further conflict.
Syndulla: You act like we have a choice.
Senator Rodrigo: Don't we? [scoffs] I see no enemy. The Imperial Fleet is scattered and broken. They have no centralized command.
Syndulla: Unless Thrawn returns.
Xiono: Make your point, General.
Syndulla: Thrawn is not your typical Imperial officer. I know, because I fought against him. He killed friends, people who were like family to me. I've spent most of my life fighting a war, and that's why I'm trying to convince you to help me prevent another one.
Xiono: Grand Admiral Thrawn is dead, and I'm sorry to say it is my opinion that your friend Ezra Bridger heroically died with him.

[Over Seatos, Ahsoka's ship is under attack from Hati and a squadron of fighters.]
Ahsoka Tano: Huyang, anything yet?
Huyang: On the object? No. However, I have several thoughts about everything else going on.
Tano: Huyang, not now.
Huyang: The way you're both acting, there won't be a later.

Part Four: Fallen Jedi edit

[At the star map on Seatos, Ahsoka confronts Skoll.]
Baylan Skoll: Anakin spoke highly of you.
Ahsoka Tano: Interesting. He never mentioned you.
Skoll: [removes his cloak] Everyone in the Order knew Anakin Skywalker. Few would live to see what he became. Surely that must leave a mark. Is that why you walked away? Abandoned him?
Tano: [removes her own cloak] I'm not here to discuss my past.
Skoll: The only reason I'm here is to secure the future.
Tano: For you?
Skoll: Something far greater.
Tano: Ambitious.
Skoll: Necessary.
Tano: And you find starting another war necessary?
Skoll: I'm not starting a war. But Thrawn will. It is an unfortunate evil, but speaks to a greater truth: One must destroy in order to create.

[After Skoll apparently kills Ahsoka, he turns to face Sabine Wren, who holds the star map in one hand, a blaster in the other.]
Baylan Skoll: You should do as your Master says. Destroy it. She would have done it.
Sabine Wren: Stay back!
Skoll: But you're not like her, though, are you?
Wren: More than you know.
[Skoll is still for a moment, reaching out with the Force, before disengaging his lightsaber.]
Skoll: I know you feel that Ezra Bridger is the only family you have left.
Wren: [shaken] You don't know what you're talking about.
Skoll: I know that's what's holding you back. Your family died on Mandalore because your Master didn't trust you. Sabine... you and I share a common goal: To make this journey. You, to be reunited with your long-lost friend, and I, to serve a greater good. Come with me. Willingly. And I give you my word, no harm will come to you. Sabine... you will be reunited with your friend. [holds out his hand for the map; Wren hesitates] It's the only way. Do it. For Ezra.
[Wren gives in, and hands over the map.]

[Ahsoka awakens in the World Between Worlds, looking around.]
Mysterious Voice: Hello, Snips.
Ahsoka Tano: Master?
Mysterious Voice: I didn't expect to see you so soon.
[Ahsoka turns, looking shocked as she finds herself facing her former Master...]
Ahsoka Tano: Anakin.

Part Five: Shadow Warrior edit

[In the World Between Worlds...]
Ahsoka Tano: Anakin. You look the same.
Anakin Skywalker: You look old.
Tano: [scoffs] Well, that happens. [confused] Actually, what happened?
Skywalker: You lost a fight.
Tano: I don't remember.
Skywalker: Trust me. You lost.
Tano: ...Baylan Skoll.
Skywalker: So, you do remember. That's good.
Tano: Why?
Skywalker: It means you still have a chance.
Tano: A chance?
Skywalker: To live.
Tano: Tell me what's going on.
Skywalker: I'm here to finish your training.
Tano: It's a little late for that.
Skywalker: One is never too old to learn, Snips.
Tano: All right... what's the lesson, Master?
Skywalker: Live... [ignites his lightsaber] or die.
Tano: I won't fight you.
Skywalker: I've heard that before.

[As a younger-looking Ahsoka relives her memories of the Clone Wars...]
Anakin Skywalker: Ahsoka, within you is everything I am. All the knowledge I possess, just as I inherited knowledge from my Master, and he from his. You're part of a legacy.
Ahsoka Tano: But my part of that legacy is one of death and war.
Skywalker: But you're more than that, because I'm more than that.
Tano: You are more, Anakin... but more powerful and dangerous than anyone realized.
Skywalker: Is that what this is about?
Tano: If I am everything you are...
Skywalker: You've learned nothing.
Tano: Don't say that!
Skywalker: I gave you a choice. Live... [ignites his lightsaber, with a red blade this time, his eyes now yellow with the dark side] or die.
Tano: No.
Skywalker: Incorrect.
[Anakin engages her in a furious duel, before kicking her back into the World Between Worlds, and her current self. As he approaches, Anakin's form shifts between his unscarred self and the armor of Darth Vader, the distinctive breathing echoing, his voice a combination of the two forms.]
Anakin/Vader: You lack conviction! [furiously batters away at Ahsoka] Time to die.
[Anakin/Vader disarms her, but Ahsoka is able to take his saber and hold it to his throat, her eyes glowing with the same dark side yellow for a moment... before she throws the saber away.]
Tano: I choose to live.
[Anakin/Vader steps back, closing his eyes... and when he opens them again, they are the clear eyes of Anakin Skywalker again.]
Skywalker: There's hope for you yet.

Part Six: Far, Far Away edit

[On Peridea, the former Dathomiri homeworld, the Star Destroyer Chimaera approaches, lowering its hangar level with the top of the spire on which Elsbeth, Skoll, Hati, and a trio of Nightsisters known as the Great Mothers wait. As the legion of stormtroopers, all in battered armor, chant his name, Grand Admiral Thrawn walks among them to meet his liberators.]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: What was first just a dream has become a frightening reality to those who may oppose us. Great Mothers, I salute you. [the Great Mothers bow] Soon, we shall all escape this exile thanks to the efforts of Morgan Elsbeth.
Morgan Elsbeth: I am ever your servant, Grand Admiral.
Thrawn: [indicates a trooper with a golden mask] This is Enoch, captain of my guard. He will begin the cargo transfer as per my agreement with the Great Mothers.
Elsbeth: I have seen the catacombs. It will take some time. At least three rotations.
Thrawn: An acceptable timeframe.
Great Mothers: They have brought a prisoner.
Thrawn: You never spoke of this.
Great Mothers: We did not see it. It is a loose thread.
Thrawn: Well, speak to me of this "loose thread".
Baylan Skoll: I brought the prisoner. I felt she could be of some use to us.
Thrawn: And you are?
Elsbeth: Mercenaries. Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati.
Thrawn: Then you must be General Baylan Skoll of the Jedi Order.
Skoll: I parted ways with the Jedi long ago.
Thrawn: You would not be the first.
Elsbeth: The prisoner is Sabine Wren.
Thrawn: Now there's a familiar name. [to Skoll] You're quite right. She'll be of great use to us.

[Wren is brought before Thrawn and his allies by Enoch's troopers.]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Sabine Wren.
Sabine Wren: Thrawn.
Thrawn: What a delight it is after so long to see a familiar face. I understand it is you I have to thank for my escape from exile.
Wren: Where is Ezra?
Thrawn: Ah, yes. The desire to be reunited with your long-lost friend. How that singular focus will reshape our galaxy.
Wren: Just answer the question.
Thrawn: No need for hostility. I'm aware of your agreement with Baylan Skoll, and I intend to honor it. [Enoch removes her restraints] You shall have provisions, a mount, and our latest intel on Bridger's whereabouts.
Wren: So that's it? You're just gonna let me walk out of here?
Thrawn: You helped my cause. Now I shall help yours. You should know, though, that once my starship departs, you'll be stranded here forever. It's also quite possible that your friend... is dead.
Wren: If you survived, I'm sure he's doing just fine.
Thrawn: You have gambled the fate of your galaxy on that belief.
Wren: You wouldn't understand.
Thrawn: Perhaps not.

[After encountering the local Noti people, Wren is brought to their village, where she is reunited with an old friend...]
Ezra Bridger: I knew I could count on you. Though... it sure took you long enough.
Sabine Wren: Well, you didn't exactly tell any of us where you were going.
Bridger: That's because I didn't know where I was going.
Wren: Typical. Always a plan, never a good one.
Bridger: Hey, it worked, didn't it? [pause] Didn't it?
Wren: [sighs] It worked.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: Great Mothers, you wished to speak with me?
Great Mothers: The thread of fate has spoken to us. Another comes. A Jedi. They ride the travelers.
Thrawn: Well, that is unwelcome news. Could it be the recently deceased Ahsoka Tano?
Morgan Elsbeth: Impossible.
Thrawn: I thought it was beyond you to underestimate a Jedi. After all, death and resurrection are common deceptions played out by both Nightsister and Jedi.
Elsbeth: Baylan assured me of her death.
Thrawn: And yet, he was once a Jedi. So we must regard him as flawed. No, we shall consider Ahsoka Tano alive until we know otherwise. And we shall prepare accordingly. I want to know her background, history, homeworld, her Master, everything.
Elsbeth: Yes, Grand Admiral.
Thrawn: If a star-whale approaches Peridea... destroy it with prejudice. [Elsbeth bows] Great Mothers, I shall once again require the aid of your dark magick.
Great Mothers: The thread of destiny demands it, Grand Admiral.

Part Seven: Dreams and Madness edit

[After Ahsoka arrives with the purrgil pod, Captain Enoch contacts Thrawn and Morgan by hologram.]
Captain Enoch: Grand Admiral, as you anticipated, the mine field was triggered by a pod of arriving star whales. Among them was a T-6 class Jedi shuttle.
Grand Admiral Thrawn: [smirks] It would seem Ahsoka Tano is alive and well after all.
Morgan Elsbeth: [hands him a data tablet] Here is everything the Inquisitorial database had on her.
[Thrawn reads the data. One point clearly perturbs him...]
Thrawn: Her Master was General Anakin Skywalker?
Elsbeth: Yes.
Thrawn: [to Enoch] You're certain there's only the one starship?
Enoch: Correct, Grand Admiral. Our fighters have already engaged the target and pursued them into the debris field.
Thrawn: Excellent. That'll be all, Captain. Withdraw the fighters and have them standby. [Enoch ends communication]
Elsbeth: Why not allow them to follow?
Thrawn: There's no need to waste our resources.
Elsbeth: With due respect, Grand Admiral, without pursuit we shall lose them in the debris field.
Thrawn: You're quite right, of course. Jedi are very good at hiding; they've been practicing that for years. However, we are getting to know our adversary, and if she's anything like her Master, she'll be unpredictable, and quite dangerous. Which is why we must control all variables. Put her on a path of our own choosing, so that no matter which direction she takes, we'll always be one step ahead of her.

[As they defend the Noti convoy from bandits, Bridger spots someone...]
Ezra Bridger: Who's that?
[Wren looks over and sees Hati on a howler, and rolls her eyes.]
Sabine Wren: She's like you, but lacks your sense of humor.
Bridger: Lightsaber?
Wren: Oh, yeah.
Bridger: Great.

[As she pilots her shuttle with Elsbeth's fighters in pursuit, Ahsoka spots the Noti convoy.]
Ahsoka Tano: I have to get down there.
Huyang: We cannot land while under attack. Standard Jedi mission protocol states --
Tano: No need to land.
Huyang: Oh, not this again!
Tano: Yes, "this" again. Once I'm on the ground, draw the fighters away.
Huyang: Yes, yes, of course! Just remember what happened last time!
Tano: You got the timing wrong.
Huyang: And didn't I feel terrible?
Tano: No!

[After Ahsoka lands on the ground, she sees Skoll on his howler.]
Baylan Skoll: Well, now, this is a surprise. [dismounts] I didn't expect to see you again.
Ahsoka Tano: Disappointed?
Skoll: No. However, can't allow you to interfere.
Tano: I don't have time for this.
Skoll: That, I know.

[After Ezra, Sabine and Ahsoka defeat his forces]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: [grudgingly impressed] What a rare sight, almost like the Jedi of old. Recall the gunships, call off the aerial pursuit. [Morgan looks at him in surprise] These are unfortunate but acceptable losses, given the absence of Lord Baylan. In the grand scheme of things, one might even call this first match with Tano a success.
Morgan Elsbeth: I see only our enemies reunited.
Thrawn: Let me show you what I see. [brings up a schematic of the Chimaera, highlighting its cargo bay] With our enemy distracted, the cargo transfer is now almost complete. Which means we will soon leave this forsaken place. Ahsoka Tano has lost the one thing she could not afford to lose today: time. Time is very much on our side now, and I shall keep it that way.

Part Eight: The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord edit

[Aboard the Chimaera, docked at the spire, Elsbeth and Enoch approach Thrawn.]
Morgan Elsbeth: Grand Admiral, the cargo transfer is complete.
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Good. Very good indeed. [to Enoch] Bring the Eye of Sion out of high orbit so that we may begin the interlocking procedure.
Captain Enoch: Com-scan believes they have a fix on the Jedi shuttle's location.
Thrawn: Dispatch two TIE fighters. If they find their mark, tell them to engage. [Enoch bows and leaves]
Elsbeth: There is little the Jedi can do to stop us now.
Thrawn: I've watched many an Imperial officer make the same assumptions about the Rebellion. Even I fell victim to the heroics of a single Jedi. Never again.

[Aboard Ahsoka's shuttle as it escorts the Noti convoy, Bridger works on a new lightsaber, rummaging through the equipment cabinets.]
Huyang: Stop that! Everything in here is organized!
Ezra Bridger: Yeah, disorganized.
Huyang: I have a system.
Bridger: So do I.
Huyang: You, sir, have a method, not a system, or anything resembling a process. Who taught you how to build a lightsaber, anyway?
Wren: [from the doorway] Kanan Jarrus.
Huyang: Is that so?
Bridger: Yeah. He was my Master. Taught me everything I know.
Huyang: And I taught him how to build a lightsaber.
Bridger: [wrong-footed] What?
Huyang: Of course. Now it all makes sense.
Bridger: How could you know him? Sabine? [Wren just shakes her head]
Huyang: I told you, I taught almost every youngling at the Jedi Temple, including your Master. Clever boy, Caleb was. Very curious. A little shy, perhaps. Well, who can blame him? Those were troubling times.
Bridger: How old are you?
Huyang: Old enough to know that the relationship between a Master and an apprentice is as challenging as it is meaningful.

[As Ahsoka's shuttle closes on the Eye of Sion, they receive a message...]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahsoka Tano, allow me to commend you on your efforts today. You've been quite a worthy opponent. [...] I regret we haven't met face to face, and perhaps now we never shall. Still... I know you, because I knew your Master. I concluded your strategies would be similar. One wonders just how similar you might become. Perhaps this is where a ronin such as you belongs. Today, victory is mine. Long live the Empire.
[The Eye of Sion makes the jump.]

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