Ahmed Yassin

Palestinian political and religious leader (1937–2004)

Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin (June 1936 – 22 March 2004) was a Palestinian politician and imam who founded Hamas, a militant Islamist and Palestinian nationalist organization in the Gaza Strip, in 1987.

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  • I want to proclaim loudly to the world that we are not fighting Jews because they are Jews! We are fighting them because they assaulted us, they killed us, they took our land, our homes, our children, our women, they scattered us, we became scattered everywhere, a people without a homeland. We want our rights. We don't want more. We love peace, but they hate the peace, because people who take away the rights of others don't believe in peace. Why should we not fight? We have our right to defend ourselves.
    • "Sheik Vows to Continue the Hamas Holy War Against Israel". New York Times. 23 October 1997.

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