Ahmad Shah II

sultan of Gujarat

Qutb-ud-Din Ahmad Shah II, born Jalal Khan, was a ruler of the Muzaffarid dynasty, who reigned over the Gujarat Sultanate from 1451 to 1458. He defeated invading Malwa forces at the battle of Kapadvanj. He tried to capture Nagor and came in conflict with Rana Kumbha of Chittor.


  • …Sultãn Qutbu’d-Dîn felt insulted and he attacked the fort of Kumbhalmîr in AH 860 (AD 1455-56)… When he reached near Sirohî, the Rãjã of that place offered battle but was defeated....“From that place the Sultãn entered the kingdom of RãNã Kumbhã and he sent armies in all directions for invading the country and destroying the temples…
    • Sultãn Qutbu’d-Dîn Ahmad Shãh II of Gujarat (AD 1451-1458) Kumbhalgadh (Rajasthan) in Nizamuddin Ahmad : Tabqãt-i-Akharî, in :S.A.A. Rizvi included in Uttar Taimûr Kãlîna Bhãrata, Aligarh 1959, Vol. II. p. 206-7
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