Greek orator and statesman (4th century BCE)

Aeschines (389–314 BC) was a Greek statesman and one of the ten Attic orators.

Truth is strong enough to overcome all human sophistries.


  • Lying rumours do not penetrate farther than our ears.
    • Aeschines, De Falsa Legatione, 149.
  • Truth is strong enough to overcome all human sophistries.
  • For at a congress of the Lacedaemonian allies and the other Greeks, in which Amyntas, the father of Philip, being entitled to a seat, was represented by a delegate whose vote was absolutely under his control, he joined the other Greeks in voting to help Athens to recover possession of Amphipolis. As proof of this I presented from the public records the resolution of the Greek congress and the names of those who voted.
    • Aeschines, On the Embassy, 32.


Quotes as reported in Dictionary of Quotations (classical) by Thomas Benfield Harbottle (1897)
  • The man who is unprincipled in private life will never make a good public servant, nor will one who is of no account at home prove a man of light and leading with the embassy in Macedonia; for he has only changed his abode, not his nature.
    • 78.
  • He is specially deserving of our hatred, in that being wicked he has all the outward signs of virtue.
    • 99.
  • An evil nature wielding great authority brings misfortune upon the community.
    • 147.
  • Right is not unlimited, but is limited by the laws.
    • 199.
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