Adurbad-i Mahrspandan

Iranian philosopher

Ādurbād-ī Mahrspandān ("Ādurbād, son of Mahrspand") was a Zoroastrian high priest in the reign of the Sassanian king Shapur II (309–379 AD).


  • Abstain rigorously from eating the flesh of cows and all beneficent animals, lest you be made to face a strict reckoning in this world and the next; for by eating the flesh of cows and other domestic animals, you involve your hand in sin, and thereby think, speak, and do what is sinful; for though you may eat but a mouthful, you involve your hand in sin, and though a camel be slain by another person in another place, it is as if you who eat its flesh had slain it with your own hand.
    • Sayings of Adarbad Mahraspandan, as quoted in Rachel MacNair, Religions and Nonviolence (2015), p. 88, adapted from R. C. Zaehner, The Teachings of the Magi (1956), p. 110.

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