Adolphe Pictet (11 September 1799 – 20 December 1875) was a Swiss linguist, philologist and ethnologist. Pictet, the cousin of the biologist Francois Jules Pictet, is well known for his research in the field of comparative linguistics.


  • ...the harmonious balance of their faculties and aptitudes, which is already perceivable to a high degree in the formation of their language and which presided, from the earliest times, over their social organization. A happy nature, where energy was tempered by gentleness, a lovely imagination and a powerful reason, an active intelligence and a spirit that was open to impressions of beauty, a genuine sentiment of truth and duty, a healthy morality and elevated religious instincts, such are the qualities which together gave them, along with the consciousness of their own value, the love of freedom and the constant desire for progress.8
    • quoted in Jean-Paul Demoule - The Indo-Europeans_ Archaeology, Language, Race, and the Search for the Origins of the West
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