Adenike Grange

Nigerian politician and public health physician

Adenike Grange is a paediatrician, professor, consultant, author and former Nigerian Minister in charge of the Federal Ministry of Health.

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  • Governance is the control of power, policy and resources. Thus, good governance in any country is often judged by the degree of equitable access of all citizens to basic facilities irrespective of age, ethnicity, religion and other prevailing human and environmental parameters. In setting up the structures for improving the quality of life, there is a need for both rulers and the ruled to work together towards the achievement of their shared goals.

  • From the womb to the tomb, there are clinical conditions which could be prevented jointly by the patient and the healthcare team and a well spaced family through the use of family planning will ensure that babies have a better chance of survival which is not the case in most Nigerian societies”, she added.

  • It is important to note that fever, cough and diarrhoea are the three commonest symptoms of illnesses in young children under two years of age. These children, because of their immaturity and low immunity are prone to infections of all types including bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections. About eighty percent of children seen in the children’s emergency ward are suffering from infections of various types and their complications.

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