Ace Combat

flight action video game series

The Ace Combat (エースコンバット) series is a combat flight simulation video game series made by Namco. Although much of the games are set in fictional universes, they borrow elements from real-life wars, such as the Persian Gulf War, the Cold War, World War II, and many others.

Logo of the Ace Combat series
Side Story Narrator: I was just a child when the stars fell from the skies. But I remember how they built a cannon to destroy them. And in turn how that cannon brought war upon us. War was an abstract idea, nothing more than a show on TV. As a child, I only saw it as something that happened in some far away land... Until that final day of summer... One day while on my way to school, I looked up in the skies. A sound like distant thunder. In the blue skies far above me, contrails drew dizzying circles around in a crazy waltz. A battle in the beautiful skies far away... I could not tear my gaze away from them. A deafening roar. And then sharp silhouettes appeared, as if to graze the hills, and streaked past me. The fighters played the cat or the mouse in turn as they climbed swiftly into the sky. One fleeing plane fell out of the skies, spiraling and spewing orange flames to crash into the cape. The same cape where my family lived. Now they only live in my memories of days past. The victor circled around to confirm the kill. And on his craft, there was a large number 13 emblazoned in yellow. I will never forget this.

[hangar speech before the final mission]
General: Good morning, troops. I have an important announcement. In one hour, each one of you will take part in the most important mission in our history. A mission that will result in the defeat of the vile enemy who has brought chaos to our continent. Although we are from different nations and of different races, we have fought, suffered, and died together. Fighting for what we believe in. Fighting for freedom! Today, we shall gather for the final battle to liberate our beautiful continent and restore freedom to our people, our friends and our families. Our victory will herald the beginning of a new era of prosperity for the Usean continent. Victory will be ours! We shall return peace to our people. We will win back our freedom, and our future. The skies belong to everyone! Now, let us take back our "Shattered Skies"!

[after the Megalith mission]
AWACS SkyEye: Target destroyed! There he is! We've got Mobius 1 on radar!
Friend G: Bravo 1 here. That plane that flew in, is it all right?
AWACS SkyEye: Yes, he's fine. I've got a visual on him right now.
Friend G: So did we win the war?
AWACS SkyEye: I don't know. History determines the winner. But there's one thing I can say for certain. Heroes really do exist. We've just seen one, and now he's coming home.

Side Story Narrator: The once familiar scent of burning jet fuel has long since faded away. What was once Yellow Squadron's runway is now just a local highway again. I write this letter to you now... I know it must have brought him unexpected joy to have an opponent like you, at the end of that meaningless war. At least that's what I want to believe. Only you... the pilot who shot him down, can confirm this. And so I write to you...
Albert Genette: 15 years ago, there was a war. Well... war's broken out here plenty of times before. They've tried to invade the south lands through the northern valley time and time again. Luck was never on their side, though, and their victories didn't last long. They didn't realize that times had changed. Facing one defeat after another, losing territory and watching their nation dwindle, they built up their industrial strength to unprecedented heights and used it to wage one final battle against the world. That was 15 years ago... They fought ferociously, but were utterly defeated. The Belkans then committed the unthinkable—they used nuclear weapons on their own soil. Seeing this tragedy unfold before their own eyes, the victorious countries vowed to throw down their weapons. The world was once again at peace. And thanks to them, it seemed it would last forever. On a distant island, far away from civilization, the protectors of the peace take to the skies.

Cpt. Jack Bartlett: Why do they even bother reprimanding me anymore? I know I'm gonna be stuck at Captain forever.
Genette: Who do you think's covering up the battle?
Bartlett: Listen... The only thing across that ocean is Murska Air Base. That's Yuktobanian territory.
Genette: But haven't we been allies with the Yukes since the war 15 years ago?
Bartlett: Yeah. That's why we got people working their asses off trying to confirm what the hell's going on over there. I bet they've got hotlines ringing off the hook somewhere upstairs. The government doesn't wanna get the public riled up with all this, you know? But, it doesn't matter, soldiers like us are too stupid to think for ourselves, so we just gotta keep our mouths shut when they tell us to. I feel kinda bad for you, actually.
Genette: It's all right. I get to be with you guys.
Peter N. Beagle: Captain's probably hating this more than anybody.
Genette: Hm?
Beagle: He used to have a lady friend over in Yuktobania.
Bartlett: Ahh, that's just an old war wound now.
[the "Heartbreak One" emblem on Bartlett's plane is shown]

[during the bombing of Port St. Hewlett]
AWACS Thunderhead: Thunderhead to Wardog. Edge, you lead the formation.
Kei "Edge" Nagase: Negative. You take the lead, Blaze. I'll fly on your wing.
AWACS Thunderhead: Second Lieutenant Nagase, follow your orders.
Nagase: No. Blaze is leading. I'll protect his 6 o'clock. And I'm not gonna lose another flight lead.
Marcus "Swordsman" Snow: Quit screwing around. This is war! The enemy's all over and they're gonna eat you alive!
Alvin H. "Chopper" Davenport: Aaah... I'd better stick to the trail position, thanks.

Nagase: The white bird rose up once again, laser cannon in its wings. It was a moving sight. In my heart, though, I wished it didn't have to be used in war.

Genette: Despite the hectic mood among the staff at HQ, the start of the briefing was delayed. But the weary pilots, knowing full well that they must force their exhausted bodies back into the air once the order was given, weren't the slightest bit disturbed by the delay.
Hans "Archer" Grimm: Hey... what are you writing there?
Nagase: I just can't remember this next phrase...
Davenport: Here, lemme see.
Nagase: Hey! "The princess couldn't feed the dove that day. She was too sick."
Grimm: May I take a look?
Davenport: ...Razgriz. The Demon of Razgriz got her, right?
Nagase: You know the story?
Davenport: The demon from the north sea! I remember, my grandma used to tell me bedtime stories about it. And every time she did, I'd be too scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Beagle: Look at that wreckage. I'm amazed they're still making 'em like this.
Genette: They?
Beagle: This looks like a standard fighter jet, but it's actually different. They've done a lot of things to reduce the number of parts and cut down manufacturing costs, without sacrificing the plane's strength and performance. Very cost-effective. You could make three planes for the price of two this way.
Genette: Who's this "they" you're referring to?
Beagle: North Osea Gründer Industries. Formerly the South Belka Munitions Factory, run by the Belkan government.
Genette: But Osea's taken over that land now. South Belkan technology is being used for Osea. Why does Yuktobania have this?
Beagle: Good question. Actually, [groans as he sits down] speaking of Belka, Osea recruited some Belkan flying aces after the war 15 years ago to strengthen our Air Force. You know about this?
Genette: No... Really?
Beagle: An aggressor squadron comprised entirely of Belkan aces... Our old enemy. Well, that's the rumor, anyway. Even an old fox like me isn't sure they exist. I bet the current administration isn't even aware of the story.

Genette: The squadron from Sand Island became the President's personal airfleet... even as the official reports continued to state that they were shot down and killed.
[Genette's camera focuses on an emblem depicting the Demon of Razgriz]
Genette: This was their new emblem.

Genette: The Kestrel... is gone.
Cpt. Nicholas A. Andersen: I've lost time and time again... but now I've finally won.
Genette: Huh?
Andersen: Look. We launched them off safely. There's my victory. As long as they're in the air, I haven't lost. And I know they'll succeed.

[during the "A Call For Peace" broadcast]
President Vincent Harling: This is President Harling of the Osean Federation. Attention, all Osean and Yuktobanian officers and soldiers currently on the battlefield. Let us put down our guns and come out of the trenches. The Osean capital of Oured has been freed of the people who took advantage of my absence to usurp control of the country. Once robbed of my freedom and of my ability to do the right thing, I now stand again under the light of the golden sun, and I do so with the honorable Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor by my side. We have resolved our terrible and unfortunate misunderstandings, and the war is now over. [ushers Nikanor to podium]
Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor: This is Prime Minister Nikanor, head of government for the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. Attention, all officers and soldiers of Osea and Yuktobania currently on the battlefield. [invites Harling to step forward] Please watch as President Harling and I stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. President Harling's words are true. The war is over, but there is one more battle that still needs to be fought.
Harling: We believe that those who have tried to stir hatred between us are now preparing a weapon that could wipe out half of all metropolitan areas in either one of our countries. Our comrades are in flight as I speak, determined to stop this plan dead in its tracks. Which country is under the threat of mass destruction? That, we do not know.
Nikanor: However, that is no longer important. No matter which country is hit, it would be a severe blow to all of us.
Harling: So now I ask you, members of the military. If you see it in your hearts, please utilize the resources available to you and help out our brave pilots. Right now they are now flying east [looks up] to meet the enemy.
Nikanor: To those who still dare to hide behind the power of their hateful weapons. Bring yourself before the light of peace and harmony. [applause and cheers from audience]

Genette: When history witnesses a great change, Razgriz reveals itself... first, as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, this time, as a great hero.

Loading quotes

  • Amidst the eternal waves of time
    From a ripple of change shall the storm rise
    Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon
    Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath
  • The Demon soars through dark skies
    Fear and death trail in its shadow beneath
    Until men united wield a hallowed sabre
    In final reckoning, the beast is slain
  • As the Demon sleeps man turns on man
    His blood and madness soon cover the earth
    From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz
    Its black wings ablaze in majestic light
Larry "Pixy" Foulke: Did you know... there are three kinds of aces? Those who seek strength. Those who live for pride. And those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the three. And him... He was a true ace.

Brett Thompson: 10 years ago, there was a war that engulfed the world. The Belkan War. And in that war was a pilot who trailed across the sky, and disappeared from history. He was a lone mercenary who inspired both fear and admiration. He is the man I seek.

Foulke: Belkan Priority One Strategic Airspace, B7R... aka the "Round Table". It was the grand stage where we pilots performed. We were all on an equal footing, fighting under the same conditions. No affiliations or ranks to hinder us. Aces from every nation crisscrossed through those skies in pursuit of air superiority. The only rule of engagement was... to survive.

Foulke: This is the Round Table. Dead men's words hold no meaning.

[during the later furball at B7R]
Patrick James "PJ" Beckett: I fight for peace. That's what I'm up here for.
Foulke: While you're up here "fighting for peace", tons of blood is being shed on the ground. Some "peace", kid.
Beckett: And I'm here to put an end to that.
Foulke: You think you can stop the bloodshed by shedding more blood? Flyin' with all those ideals swimming around in your head is gonna get you killed.

Foulke: Every time I flew with him, his skill stood out. He was unstoppable.
[Mercenary path] It didn't matter where the battlefield was, the man had complete trust in his own powers. He was born for battle, a Demon Lord who struck down all opposition. He paid no heed to the troubles of those who flew with him.
[Soldier path] He would ascertain the situation in an instant and change the tide of battle. He was born for combat. It was no wonder they called him a Demon Lord. That said, it was hell trying to keep up with him.
[Knight path] He was cool-headed and proud. A combat professional. "Demon Lord" fit him perfectly. Maybe the man was blessed by the goddess of war.
Foulke: Before long, everyone had taken notice of him. More and more would show up to watch him go off on sortie. Mercenaries or maintenance crew, it didn't matter. People wanted to burn his image to their memories. Hell, they weren't the only ones.

Foulke: [after the bombing of Hoffnung] Damn them all...
Foulke: [to Thompson] Nobody knew why they were fighting anymore. All I felt at that point was sadness for the world. That's why I...

Joshua "Lucan" Bristow: We will carry out the new creation of destruction through the power of righteousness. Territories, peoples, authorities... all will be liberated. This is the new state, "A World With No Boundaries", we'll create. Neither nations nor nationalities have meaning. We will erase these unnecessary borders. The World With No Boundaries will pen a new story. The world will change.

Foulke: [to Cipher] So, have you found a reason to fight yet... Buddy?

Foulke: [to Cipher] Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible. I bet you do, too, Buddy.
[after Foulke launches a "V2" ballistic missile]
Foulke: Too bad, Buddy. This twisted game needs to be reset. We'll start over from "zero" with this V2 and entrust the future to the next generation.
AWACS Eagle Eye: This is AWACS. Listen up, Galm 1! We've completed analysis of the enemy craft. Codename: Morgan. This plane is protected by an ECM defense system. Its only weak point is in the front air intake. You'll have to attack it head-on. Go! Take down Morgan! You're the only one who can stop him. Demon Lord of the Round Table... I pray for your success!
Foulke: You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. When we face each other, we can finally see our true selves. There may be a resemblance, but we never face the same direction.

Rainer "Cormorant" Altman: [to Thompson, in Directus] They ring the bells here at dusk to honor the liberation of the capital. It signals peace, but to me, they are the sounds of death.

Foulke: [to Thompson] It may be true that the world has no need of borders. But would getting rid of them really change anything? The world won't change for the better unless we trust people. Trust is vital in a peaceful world. But that will never happen. I'm still on the battlefield. Right now I'm near a border. I want to see for myself what borders really mean and what their volition really is... I may not find what I'm looking for, but I still wanna try. Anyway, that's what I've come to believe and I think that's enough. Will he see this video? If you do meet him, give him a message for me.
[Foulke looks directly at the camera]
Foulke: Yo, Buddy. Still alive? And thanks, friend. See you again.
Thompson: The Demon Lord of the Round Table. A warrior who soared through the Belkan War, inspiring both fear and admiration. His presence filled the skies for but a few short months before he disappeared. Apart from that, nothing is known about him. I was never able to find out what kind of a person he really was. But whenever they talked about him, they always had a slight smile on their faces. That, perhaps, may be my answer.

Loading quotes

  • For after all what is man in nature?
    A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing,
    a central point between nothing and all and
    infinitely far from understanding either.
  • Then even nothingness was not, nor existence.
    There was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it.
    What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?
    Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?
  • All held the finite and infinite as unrelated.
    None could foresee that the history of the two would become one.
    • Unknown
  • Without beginning or end, the ring stretches into the infinite.
    • Unknown, final mission loading quote
Albert Genette: Almost nightly, Leasath's commanding officer, Diego Gaspar Navarro, plays host to grand banquets within Gaiuss Tower. This evening, he is once again proudly trumpeting the glory of his airborne fortress. I've heard the speech so many times, it feels like I wrote it. Which, in a way, is a good thing, because it lets me concentrate on enjoying the food instead.

Aurelia Fleet: 1st Fleet to 3rd Fleet. Any sign of the Gleipnir?
Aurelia Fleet: 3rd Fleet. No sign of it yet.
Aurelia Fleet: Understood. Continue your patrol of the area.
[unusually heavy wind noise is heard]
Aurelia Fleet: What's that sound?
[the Gleipnir uncloaks right above the fleet]
Aurelia Fleet: Look! It's the Gleipnir!
Aurelia Fleet: Don't just stand there! Attack! Target the Gleipnir!
Aurelia Fleet: Commence cannon fire! Hit it with everything we've got!
Aurelia Fleet: The SWBM can't reach us here, but watch out for conventional ordnance!
Aurelia Fleet: Look, the disk on the bottom has started to glow. What's it go—
[static as the Aurelia 2nd Fleet explodes in a flash of bright blue light]
Aurelia Fleet: The ships under the Gleipnir just disintegrated!
Aurelia Fleet: What the hell was that?!
Aurelia Fleet: 2nd Fleet, do you read me! This is the 1st Fleet! Come in! Come in!

[following the destruction of the Gleipnir]
Genette: [on Navarro] Even after all that's happened, why does he still seem so naturally at ease? I've unwittingly found myself fearing for the safety of the Southern Cross.

Genette: It's said that the only true winners in any war are those who achieve what they intended. Diego Navarro had left Aurelia's capital in defeat. Yet, his goal of increasing arms exports had been achieved. It seemed as though he may be the true victor in this war.

[after Gryphus 1 enters the base in Mission 15B]
Leasath Base Soldier: Fenrir's been destroyed!
Leasath Base Commander: Put out that fire! Protect the control system!
Leasath Base Soldier: No. It's no good. The fire extinguishing system is out!
Leasath Base Commander: Use whatever you can find! Put the fire out! Leasath's future depends on it!
Leasath Base Soldier: The hallways are engulfed in flames! There's nothing we can do!
Leasath Base Soldier: It's too big! The flames are spreading!
Leasath Base Soldier: Dammit! It's spread all the way in here!
Leasath Base Commander: The future of our country destroyed, all because of one single pilot, Nemesis!

Eugene "Crux" Solano: Crux to Gryphus 1. That was a little too risky, sir. It made me nervous just watching you. It wouldn't feel like a victory if you weren't there to celebrate it with us, sir. When you think about it, you can't help but feel sorry for Leasath's soldiers. They were nothing but pawns in Navarro's sick game...

Genette: Archelon and Diego Navarro's beloved weapon Fenrir were ripped by explosions and engulfed in flames. While these images flashed on the screen, the eyes of the press watched as the enraged citizens of Leasath stormed in on commanding officer Diego Navarro. When the rage of the thousands had finally subsided, it is said that there was nothing left but the shattered remains of Fenrir. It's ironic that the stage for the unveiling of his greatest triumph would be his ultimate undoing.
Lt. Col. Victor Voychek: Calling all Strigon planes. Gracemeria shall be ours for the taking.

AWACS Ghost Eye: Air Defense Command has ordered an evacuation. You've been ordered to give up Gracemeria. Break away from this airspace and head west.
Windhover: Are you out of your mind? We can't comply with that order.
AWACS Ghost Eye: We are militarily at a huge disadvantage here. Comply with the order and head west.
Avalanche: This is Avalanche. We're not going anywhere.
AWACS Ghost Eye: Listen! It's only temporary. The plan is to withdraw, meet up with all remaining forces from each area, then regroup for a counter attack. We can't afford to lose you. Follow the order.
Marcus Lampert: This is Garuda 2 to Garuda 1. We really should get out of here.

Lt. Cdr. Ilya Pasternak: Garuda, are you getting this? It's not over yet.
[UAVs and Pasternak's aircraft appear]
Lampert: Who is this?!
Pasternak: The real war has just begun.
Lampert: Who the hell is this?! What are you talking about?!
Pasternak: Corrupt governments and marred lands are no longer worth fighting to protect. There's only one thing worth protecting now.
AWACS Ghost Eye: Unknown aircraft approaching fast! This may be an attack!
Pasternak: And that's the future.
Col. William Bishop: The shark. You're real.
Col. Andrei "Akula" Markov: Colonel Bishop.
Cpt. José "Guts" Gutierrez: Get off our frequency, asshole.
Markov: Ah, Captain Gutierrez, your eloquence is legendary. A pleasure to speak directly to you, Colonel Bishop. Even if it's only to say, farewell.

AWACS Magic: Magic to all planes. I have an incoming message from the Commander in Chief.
President David Hamilton: This is President David Hamilton. As I speak, our nation is under attack by a group of renegade Russian pilots. They are determined to kill our innocent civilians with a powerful air-launched weapon. I have personally directed the Air Force and other military branches to intercept these criminals. They have orders to shoot them all down before they harm our country. This is a dark and difficult day. But at the end, we will persevere. To the brave men and women defending us. Godspeed.
[after Slash ejects]
Edge This is Edge. I have one pilot bailing out. Parachute deployed. Requesting immediate evac... [sees a UAV kill Slash] Oh no!
Unknown: Ha ha!
Viper: What is it?!
Omega: [stunned] ...I saw it happen.
Viper: What?! What did you see?!
Omega: Slash... in midair... They're shooting at bailed-out pilots?!
Viper: Tch! Omega, keep it together!
Edge: You call yourself a pilot? I swear I'll kill them all!
Viper: You too, lady!

AWACS Sky-Eye: Begin your attack on the cruiser now!
Viper: Viper, ready to hunt that whale!
Omega: Roger that, Captain Ahab.
Viper: Hey, didn't he go down with Moby Dick in the end?
Omega: Wow, you actually read it?
[Avril Mead remembers something her grandfather said]
Mead's grandfather: Y'know, Avie... I wish you could see what it's like up there. Cruising above the clouds. The dark blue of the stratosphere. Nothing beats being at the controls and seeing it from the cockpit. Look here...
Mead: [recalling] Gramps tossed a magazine over to me with an article. "Unmanned fighters are no longer a dream," it read. "Pilots taking to the skies will soon be a distant memory."
Mead's grandfather: I don't see anything good comin' from that.

AWACS Sky Keeper: The skies are clear. Nice work, everyone. Mission complete. RTB.
Knocker: No casualties. We couldn't have done any better. Returning to base.
Brownie: I don't know. Maybe the bandits we took down caused civilian casualties.
Clown: No point arguin'. That's how war is these days.
Knocker: You shoot, someone gets killed. The guys in charge take care of the rest.

Wit: Sol 1, please respond. What's your status?
Mihaly A. "Archange" Shilage: My status? Well, I'm feeling a little excited.

Wiseman: Hey Guard Dog, who's the guy who worked his ass off at the rear?
AWACS Bandog: [scoffs] The biggest dumbass in the unit.
Wiseman: Makes sense. Only an idiot would be brave enough to pull off those moves.

[during the Stonehenge defensive]
Osean Ground Unit: I gave my men a 15-minute vacation. Sorry, I need a short breather myself. I'll just be stitching on my lost limbs. Should be back before lunch.
Count: What did you say?

Major Deanna McOnie: Those vehicles were Stonehenge's eyes. Without those... I'm... I'm sorry.
Warrant Officer Lehmann: Don't give up yet, Major. We still have sensors. Our eyes. The oldest sensors in the book.

Dr. Schroeder: I understood why he never seemed to care about restoring his stolen country back to its former glory. And why he didn't seem to care about anything that happened here on the ground. Of course. Mihaly's kingdom... was the sky.

Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise: Have you seen all of those countless old space shuttles on Tyler Island that are no longer in use?
Mead: Yeah. [scoffs] I always thought of them as a good source of scrap. They're an obsolete technology that was abandoned during the construction of the space elevator. Which would mean that if the space elevator was destroyed, it would be that much harder for mankind to reach the stars, until we find another way.
D'Elise: But even then, Harling still went ahead and tried to destroy it. At the cost of his own life.
Mead: That's not the way I heard it. What I heard was that he sacrificed himself to protect the tower from an incoming missile.
D'Elise: Oh. I was told he tried to fly his ship into the tower in order to destroy it.
Mead: I wonder which story is true, Your Royal Highness.
D'Elise: I don't know... Looking at it objectively, it's reasonable to believe that Harling had both options before him.
Mead: When it comes to which one you think he took, I guess it's like a mirror.
D'Elise: Yes, it is. It's like a mirror looking into your own soul, based on whichever choice you believe it was.

Shilage: This weapon is not enough to take down Three Strikes. This aircraft is my body. If they are not enough, then I must put my soul into it. [to Trigger] There are pilots like you in every generation. And I felled every last one of them.

Schroeder: [monologuing] Mihaly's granddaughter tossed the gun aside. She said if she resorted to killing, she'd just end up like the rest of us. And by "us", she meant everyone. Including the Princess. Like me, the Princess was afraid to look into the girl's eyes. She knew that by encouraging her people, she kept the war going. Mihaly and his granddaughter were victims of it, and now... they, too, were paying the price.
Ionela A. Shilage: [to Schroeder] Is this for Belka? Or for Erusea? My grandfather had only one wish. To continue soaring through the endless skies. That was the only place where he felt alive. But I don't even have a country to call home, let alone the sky. The black forest, the lake... they are no longer mine. Even though those lands were once cherished by my late mother. We have to learn to put that sense of nostalgia behind us and behave like mature adults!
Schroeder: [monologuing] My homeland... She's right. It feels so far away now.

D'Elise: I wonder...
Schroeder: Yes?
D'Elise: I wonder which path you would choose... when looking at Harling's mirror.

Count: Don't worry. I learned something from my last squadron. "Stick with Trigger and you'll make it."

Mead: Hey, Trigger, you dumbass. Tell me something. What color's the sky up there?

Mead: To Skies Unknown... The path to mankind's vast future remains standing, Granddad.

SP Missions

David North: I'm still unconvinced. So here's a question for you, Alex. How can we do this without killing Three Strikes?

Cpt. Matias Torres: It's a requiem. Set off as soon as we're ready!

[if Trigger fires on the Alicorn at Artiglio]
Brigadier General Howard Clemens: The point of this mission is to capture it! Did you sleep through the briefing, you idiot?!

Elke "Scream" van Dalsen: Three Strikes, I will have you! You will die!
Count: What?!
Skald: Am I hearing things?
Húxiān: Nah, I hear it too.

Torres: Heed my words. This boat has the means to end this hideous war, in a definitive and elegant manner. We seek not a conflict, but rather a restoration of balance, a judgment. And it will be done with reason, from beginning to end. The world shall be horrified by the number of lives we will take. Only then will they let go of their weapons... weapons that would have taken the lives of ten million.
[Trigger downs a plane carrying a large cruise missile]
Submarine CDO: Seems he was downed by Three Strikes.
Torres: The damn bastard ruined it.
Submarine CDO: Captain?
Torres: Don't you see? He walked all over it with his dirty boots! Over the crisp, white sheets of my bed that I had just made! Let's have him assist in the next plan... It'll make a fine sideshow for our scheme to kill a million people. Or was it the plan to save ten million lives, Command Duty Officer?

Alex: David. I've built a model of Captain Torres and Three Strikes, based on your hypothesis and mission parameters from the past. I ran a precision combat simulation... but, it failed.
North: Bummer. Why didn't it work?
Alex: Reasons in sensuous order are: 1. Your hypothesis is trash. 2. The parameters you gave me are trash.
North: Um... Did I do something to tick you off?
Alex: 3. Captain Torres is a singularity.
North: So the values diverge... But what about this one? "4. Three Strikes is a singularity."

Otto "Rage" van Dalsen: [to Trigger] What makes you a hero?! We tried to be heroes too, we really tried!

[after Scream is shot down, if Rage is shot down first]
AWACS Long Caster: Unidentified aircraft, eject!
Scream: No.
AWACS Long Caster: Eject now!
Scream: No! I know Rage's going to heaven, so I'm gonna be all alone again in hell. I'll be waiting for you down there, Three Strikes. Three Strikes... I— [static]
[after Rage is shot down, if Scream is shot down first]
Rage: [wheezing laughter] It's just as I imagined. No matter what we do, this is how we end. But know this, Three Strikes. I'd rather go to hell than live in a world shaped by you! So yeah, we'll be heading there now!
AWACS Long Caster: Unidentified aircraft, eject!
[Rage yells in anguish]
AWACS Long Caster: Eject now!
Rage: I gotta catch up to her— [static]

North: Brigadier General, do you recognize the name Edgar Saxon—or Zul, as he used to go by? He is a former member of the Alicorn's crew. And your source of intel.
VJCS Edwards: You are a fool, Brigadier General Clemens. Not only that, the radio communications during the mission suggest you are a traitor.
Clemens: Sir, if you check with Lieutenant General Shepherd, you'll understand that this is all just a misunderstanding!
Edwards: The Lieutenant General claims you were responsible for handling all aspects of the mission. Now, lemme say that again. Get the MP.
Húxiān: No need for that. Piece of shit. [is heard striking Clemens]

North: [to the LRSSG] The Alicorn was in harbor at Anchorhead for approximately ten minutes. They couldn't have loaded SLBMs. They loaded something smaller.
Húxiān: Smaller?
North: What is smaller and yet a powerful weapon?
Skald: Huh... Tactical nukes.
North: Close. The answer is tactical nuclear shells.
North: Their target's Oured, the Osean capital.
Lanza: They want a nuclear war?
North: Here's a question. What's a situation where nuclear deterrence doesn't work?
Húxiān: Quiz guy, I've had enough of this.
Skald: Oh, only if terrorists have the nukes.
North: Correct.
Lanza: Damn, Skald.
Skald: Hey. I'm good at trivia games.
Count: But we're after an Erusean submarine, not terrorists.
Wiseman: No... he's right. HQ tells me, Erusea's justification is that the Alicorn mutinied. "As such, the Erusean military cannot be held responsible for the submarine's actions."
Húxiān: Damn.
North: So they intend on dropping a nuke on the Osean capital of Oured.
Lanza: Here's a question for you, analyst. Just exactly who are we fighting?
North: Correct term is "terrorist" or "irregular military", but I have a different name for them. "An enemy to be stopped at all costs".
Wiseman: Correct.

North: Some individuals are exempt from rules that should apply to everyone. A hero is suddenly a risk factor the moment the war is over. So you murder him. Crude, but effective. In reality, they've no need for living heroes, just dead ones. Here's a question, Alex. Can we stop Captain Matias Torres?
Alex: Depends on if you treat the captain or Three Strikes as a singularity.
North: Both are. What happens when two singularities exist on the same field?
Alex: That requires seven months calculation with current resources.
North: We'll just have to trust the guys in the field.

Specter 1: We're all prepared to buy the farm, and that's why there's so many of us.

[during the assault on the Alicorn]
Torres: The two years that we fought at the bottom of the sea... I will not allow our perseverance to be desecrated!
Torres: There's no means of retreat! We'll have to kill them all if we are to live! If you wish to live, then you must let go of your life!
Torres: Be not afraid! Did you not leave your fears behind at the bottom of the abyss?
Torres: My fellow submariners! Your lives carry weight! It gives you the right to take the lives of others!
SACS Pilot: We're dead men walking! Why should we fear death?

Torres: Let me tell you a story. Back when I was a gunnery officer... I had to aim at an enemy ship 30 kilometers away in the middle of a storm. The seas were rough that day, and still I landed one of the two shots.
North: Here's a question. Was your plan elegant? The answer is yes. At least until Three Strikes ruined it.
Torres: What do you know of beauty?!

Torres: A powerful boat, a powerful gun, powerful ammunition! Add to that lots of people and a precise aim! Then sprinkle death over all of it, and the formula is complete!
North: You're nothing more than a mass murderer!
Torres: Then indulge me. What makes you and I any different?! You want to kill the three hundred men on this boat to save a million! How is that any different?!
North: Trigger, give him the answer! Have him take it to the bottom of the ocean!
Torres: Don't you see? Don't you see?! Landing a clean shot on a difficult target! That is what makes it elegant! That is true beauty!

[after the Alicorn's main rail cannon is destroyed]
Torres: Don't you see? One million! One million lives!
[Torres' mad laughter is replaced by static as the Alicorn explodes]

North: There are some who send those around them to their doom. Like Captain Matias Torres, who was a devil incarnate. But there are others... others who show the way to everyone else. Those who stand at the forefront to cast a light. Those who follow them can't help but feel that they're in the right hands. That they'll make it. This is an era where there isn't a singular answer, like a quiz question. The world awaits a hero to keep the torch aloft, banishing the darkness.

North: Assuming that Three Strikes is a singularity, why not terminate him?
Alex: There is a fact that has been observed in all of the missions Three Strikes has taken part in. All dependent elements that either mimic or follow the subject have increased chances of survival.
North: Try to be more sensuous.
Alex: Go Trigger's way, you'll make it. He leads the way.
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