Abdullah Azzam

Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar and Salafi jihadist (1941–1989)
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Abdullah Azzam (Arabic: عبد الله يوسف عزام‎, ‘Abdu’llāh Yūsuf ‘Azzām; 1941 – 24 November 1989) also known as the Father of Global Jihad was a Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar and theologian and an influential Salafist jihadist.

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  • It was Azzam who, more than anyone else, helped popularize the burgeoning Jihadist movement. His widely-read periodical, Al-Jihad, published in 1984, spread the ideology of global jihad to every corner of the Muslim world.
    • Reza Aslan, How to Win a Cosmic War, pp.115-6

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