Abdulla Yameen

6th President of The Maldives

Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (21 May 1959) is the 6th and current President of the Republic of Maldives. He had been the Minority Leader of the People's Majlis, the legislature of the Maldives as an elected Member of Parliament for four successive terms from 1993 onwards. He has represented constituencies in Meemu and Baa atolls.


  • Over the past two years of my presidency, we have made significant achievements concerning our foreign policy. And yes we are prepared to consider targeted action against individuals if further progress isn't made. Former President Nasheed has been imprisoned without due process. And that is an injustice that must be addressed soon.
  • We haven’t asked them to stop their protests and any political activity on the streets. We haven’t asked them to put an end to their political attitude. We’ve accepted your grievances without any conditions.
    • Speaking in Alif Dhaal atoll Maamigili, president Yameen reiterated that the repeated invitations to the opposition to join the talks were sincere. He repeatedly called on the opposition to participate in the negotiations in what he described as a way of testing the government’s sincerity, quoted on Haveeru, "Maldives pres says ready to end opposition grievances, insists on talks", March 16, 2015.

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