Abdul Rashid Ghazi

Pakistani fundamentalist

Abdul Rashid Ghazi (عبدالرشيد; ca. 1964 – 10 July 2007) was an Islamist Pakistani fundamentalist, activist and vice Chancellor of Jamia Faridia. Son of Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi, and younger brother of Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi.

Quotes edit

  • "Islam is about selection, not election"
  • "Islam is enough. It is a complete code for modern life" [1]
  • Ours is an Islamic system that takes action where the state fails to act. The system of government in Pakistan doesn't work. It's corrupt, and the people are tired of it.
  • How much money has been spent on the War on Terror? If these billions had been spent on basic education, on food, then we would love the Americans. The Americans are not getting benefit from Iraq or Afghanistan. Hatred will not bring you any positive results — hatred from Afghanis, hatred from Iraqis, hatred from Pakistanis.[2]
  • We are told that we, religious people, are against women's education. But we have proved that we are not."[3]
  • "I don't like democracy. Islam is not about counting people. In democracy, the weight of one vote is the same for a man who is taking drugs and doesn't care about his country as it is for the man with a vision for the future. The majority of people are ignorant people. This doesn't bring us a good system."[4]
  • "We are ready for our heads to be cut off but we will not bow to them,”
  • We can be martyred but we will not surrender
  • "we should make clear (the) difference between freedom fighters and the terrorists. They Taliban are not terrorists. They are freedom fighters. Their detention is all illegal and it is all just to please America."
  • Many of us have developed an attitude' one of "we cannot bear to be insulted, and we do not want to create any tension." I always say that if serving the religion in a peaceful and calm manner is all that is demanded of us, then Allah would have accepted such service from His Messenger, peace be upon him, or would have accepted such peaceful service from the Esteemed Companions. But we see that Allah made them go through stages of hardship and tension too. Did not the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, endure tense moments? He waged jihad too. His Holy blood was spilled. Even his blessed teeth were martyred. How many of us have even had a stone thrown at us?; we have adopted the attitude: "One of my routine should not be disturbed; I should keep to my routine." Instead, we should be prepared for everything, and we should not surrender so easily.
  • We have neither killed anyone nor have we committed any crime for so many of our children to keep being murdered here each day as a punishment. There is a boy, Ateeq, who lived in this sector, who was martyred just this morning; and all praise is due to Allah, his grave gave off a fragrance. All of us could smell it, and it was exactly the scent which came from my father's grave. We believe that if even a few people stand up to a large army, they can confront it if they are on the Truth; and we are on the Truth -- that is why we have been able to fight them for so long.
  • One should be firm on the Truth, and to bow down to (worldly) might is not the actual truth. The actual truth is Allah, and to Allah we all return. Life and death are true. Man should live with honor. These people wanted me to bow down to them.
  • The solution to all problems lies in the Islamic system

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  • Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi’s belief is that Islamic fundamentalism qualifies as a universal pursuit for social justice and civic responsibility“
  • Nearly two decades ago, the soil of Pakistan saw and was watered by the blood of a great imam of the Imams of Islam, that is, the mujahid champion Imam Abdullah Azzam, may Allah have mercy upon him, and today we have seen another great Imam, not at the level of Pakistan alone, but at the level of the entire Islamic Ummah, that is, the Imam Maulana Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, may Allah have mercy on him

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