Abdul-Qādir Bedil

Persian writer,poet

Mirza Abdul-Qādir Bedil, Mawlānā Abul-Ma'ālī Mīrzā Abdul-Qādir Bēdil (or Bīdel), also known as Bīdel Dehlavī (1644– 5 December 1720), was a Sufi saint and a remarkable poet from the Indian subcontinent.


Rubaʿiyat (Quatrains)Edit


  • It's in your nature to accept advice readily
    so don't fail in reaping benefit through me,
    This collection of our thought is open to all:
    so, read it and satisfy yourself completely.
    • Bedil: Selected Poems, p. 53


  • Beauty, which the mirror of creation was beautifying,
    with a hundred thousand suns each atom caressing,
    despite its great glory was behind the unseen's veil...
    it did not know itself until humanity was blossoming.
    • Bedil: Selected Poems, p. 59


  • In this sea where rise up storms of 'me' and 'we',
    some of the population find escaping not so easy.
    No one's should be burdened by carrying another,
    every wave is a bridge, to be crossing over...'me'.
    • Bedil: Selected Poems, p. 62

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  • Bedil: Selected Poems, translated by Paul Smith, Victoria (Australia), 2006