Abandon (film)

2002 American film by Stephen Gaghan
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Abandon is a 2002 film about a college student trying to deal with a police investigation into her boyfriend's disappearance while also preparing for life after graduation.

Embry LarkinEdit

  • You have no grace.
  • Sopranos, this piece was written by monks who believed in God. They're singing not to other monks but to God. They're singing about God to God. And you think I'm a tough audience.
  • This is the spirit dissolving in the music carrying up to God. Open up and let her rip. Don't perform... create. Say, 'Muse, I hate you, but I hate you on my knees.' Scream, 'I am the infantile center of the goddamn universe!' Everyone!
  • I go away for a while a look what happens. You let the whole place fall apart.
  • I won't make stupid threats but your not gonna run away with this guy because wherever you go, I can follow you.... even if it's to the woods in New Hampshire.
  • Why won't you yell....Come on I dare you.

Samantha HarperEdit

  • They want Vietnamese orphans... and engineers. God, why wasn't I born a Vietnamese orphan?
  • I'll have a double order of escape fantasy and a side order of running away.


Male Interviewer: Tell us about a problem you've encountered.
Katie: My guidance counselor tried to keep me from applying to good schools. I thought she was my friend. She said she understood me and that I would be happier staying close to home, junior college or secretarial school. She hated me.
Male Interviewer: What action did you take?
Katie: I invited a senator who attended college here to speak at our school.
Male Interviewer: And what was the result?
Katie: I got a strong letter of recommendation from a U.S. Senator, was accepted early decision and they gave me lots of financial aid.
Male Interviewer: And what did you learn from this experience?
Katie: Truthfully?
Male Interviewer: Of course.
Katie: Mrs. Castleman was a sneaky bitch. It was the first time I was betrayed by someone I trusted. I looked up to her. I didn't come close to understanding the depth to which she resented me. I learned that people who help me, who invest in me become my partners, and my success is their success that relationships are symbiotic. I learned responsibility based on others' faith in me. I hope to be able to pay some dividends to those investors.

Female Interviewer: How many pennies do you think it would take to fill this room?
Katie: With or without us in it?

Amanda: Word is, you slaughtered it. I talked to Brian whose brother dates that cold fish, Susan. Did you really call some lady a bitch?
Katie: Slight exaggeration.
Amanda: Yeah, they saw sixty people and liked exactly two - you and a North Korean girl who speaks eight languages.
Katie: They said that?

Katie: Do you know where Harrison is?
Embry: The tree hugger? I don't really keep tabs on him
Katie: Have you seen him lately?
Embry: Wouldn't you like to know?
Katie: You piss me off like nobody else, you know that?
Embry: Yeah?
Katie: Yeah.
Embry: What are you gonna do about it, I want you to come away with me to the country house.
Katie: Where is Harrison?
Embry: I'll tell you at the country house.


  • Watch who you leave behind...


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