A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

1982 film by Woody Allen

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy is a 1982 comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen, who also stars in it. The film also stars Mia Farrow, Tony Roberts, Jose Ferrer, Mary Steenburgen and Julie Hagerty.

Andrew edit

  • I didn't lie. I wasn't lying, Adrian. I was not lying. Do you want to know why I lied?
  • [about Maxwell] He's a wonderful guy and a terrific doctor. Never lost a patient! Got a couple of them pregnant, but never lost one.
  • Sex alleviates tension and love causes it.
  • We can't have intercourse in the kitchen! There's a man in the next room singing The Lord's Prayer!

Dialogue edit

Maxwell: Andrew, are you all right?
Andrew: Maxwell, I think I fractured my last remaining nose.
Maxwell: You shouldn't fly. You're a mammal.
Andrew: Thank you, Maxwell. A doctor with a license is no smarter.
Maxwell: He never tires of insulting me, but when he's sick...
Andrew: Yeah? Who overcharges me?
Maxwell: But you always get well, don't you, Andrew?
Andrew: I would get well anyhow, Maxwell, even without the leeches.

Leopold: I had the privilege of escorting Ariel through the Sistine Chapel for the first time in her life and explaining to her exactly why Michelangelo's ceiling was indeed great.
Ariel: When Raphael first laid eyes on it, he fainted.
Andrew: Had he eaten?

Ariel: [about Leopold] He taught me a lot...
Andrew: Like what?
Ariel: Like how to listen to Mozart.
Andrew: With your ears, right?

Ariel: How's your marriage?
Andrew: My marriage is fine.
Ariel: Yeah?
Andrew: It's not working, but it's fine.

Maxwell: I'm a doctor and I believe in the spirit world.
Andrew: Oh, you have to, Maxwell, that's where all your patients end up.

[Andrew asks Ariel to join him in his flying machine]
Ariel: Andrew, we'll get killed!
Andrew: No, no. Don't be silly. Trust me, it's me, Andrew... Trust me anyhow.

Leopold: So, you're an inventor, eh?
Andrew: Crackpot inventor.
Adrian: Andrew's invented a wedding present for you and Ariel. Tell 'em about that.
Andrew: It's a silly apparatus that takes the bones out of fish, and if you prefer, although there's no point to it, it puts bones in fish.

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