A Farewell to Arms (1932 film)

1932 film directed by Frank Borzage

A Farewell to Arms is a 1932 film about an American ambulance driver and an English nurse who fall in love in Italy during World War I.

Directed by Frank Borzage. Written by Benjamin Glazer, based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway.
The Greatest Love Story of the War.  (taglines)

Lieutenant Frederic Henry

  • It's filthy wine - it takes the enamel off your teeth and leaves it on the roof of your mouth.

Major Rinaldi

  • [to Frederic] Poor baby. Tomorrow I will get you drunk, and I will take out your liver, and I will put you in a good Italian liver, and make a man of you again. Ciao, baby!


Catherine Barkley: [she comes to tend a wounded Henry] Hello, darling!
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: Catherine!
[she kisses him]
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: You're lovely.
Catherine Barkley: Are you badly hurt?
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: You're lovely.
Catherine Barkley: [concerned] Oh my poor darling, it's your leg, isn't it?
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: You're the loveliest thing I ever saw.

Rinaldi: I will see you are decorated for bravery. Perhaps we can get you the medalgio d'argento. But certainly the bronze one. Did you carry somebody out of battle?
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: I didn't carry anyone. I couldn't move.
Rinaldi: Surely there was something heroic. Tell me what you did.
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: I was blown up eating cheese.

Lieutenant Frederic Henry: We've never been apart, really. Not since we met.
Catherine Barkley: Not since we met.
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: And never can be.
Catherine Barkley: Never apart.
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: In life and in death. Say it Cat.
Catherine Barkley: In life and in death, we'll never be parted.
Lieutenant Frederic Henry: You do believe that, don't you, Cat?
Catherine Barkley: I believe it, and I'm not afraid.


  • Here is Ernest Hemmingway's Greatest Novel!
  • Unforgettable Story of Undaunted Love!
  • The Greatest Love Story of the War.