A Chorus Line (film)

1985 film by Richard Attenborough

A Chorus Line is a 1985 film about hopefuls who try out before a demanding director for a part in a new musical.

Directed by Richard Attenborough. Written by Arnold Schulman, based on the musical by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante.
One singular sensation.  (taglines)


  • Dammit, now can't ANYBODY up there hear me! Just let your hair down! Can't you talk? All of you, just talk, to me, to each other!... Jeez!


  • Why is it only I ever get invited places?

Bobby Mills

  • I couldn't catch a ball if it had Elmer's Glue on it. And wouldn't my father have to be this big ex-football hero. Well, he was so humiliated, he didn't know what to tell his friends, so he told them all I had Polio. On Father's Day, I used to limp for him.
  • I would always try to find ways to kill myself, but then I realized to commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant.


Mike Cass: How many jobs are there?
Larry: 4 and 4.
Judy Monroe: 44?
Sheila: No, 4 and 4.
Larry: 4 boys, 4 girls.
Sheila: Need any women?

Zach: Tell You about the Bronx.
Diana: What's to tell about the Bronx? It's uptown and to the right.
Zach: What made you start dancing?
Diana: Who knows? I'm Puerto Rican. We jump around a lot.

Sheila: You were a rotten dancer.
Zach: Why do you think I became your choreographer?

Larry: Don't you know the combination, Sheila?
Sheila: I knew it when I was in front!

Sheila: Can I sit on your lap?
Zach: Do you always come on like this?
Sheila: No. Sometimes I'm aggressive.

Sheila: My mother was kind of middle-aged and frumpy.
Diana: Whose isn't?
Sheila: At fourteen she was middle-aged and frumpy.

Connie: Connie Wong. Always Wong, never Wight.
[Zach looks up]
Connie: Bad joke. I was born in Chinatown, lower east side.
Zach: How old are you?
Connie: I was born December 5th, four thousand six hundred and forty two, the Year of the Chicken.

Connie: Tapping's not my strongest point!
Larry: I see that.


  • One singular sensation.


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