ATM (film)

2012 film by David Brooks

ATM is a 2012 American horror thriller film about three people trapped in an ATM booth by an unknown man.

Directed by David Brooks. Written by Chris Sparling, based on a story by Chris Sparling and Ron Tippe.
No warning. No control. No escape.(taglines)


Corey: Go talk to her.
David: I can't.
Corey: Why can't you?
David: Because I left my balls at home.
Corey: No, not again.
David: Yep. Left 'em right there on the dresser.
Corey: Right next to your nightgown?
David: Yeah, right next to it. In fact, it's probably covering them, keeping them warm.
Corey: That's good, like a, like a male penguin.


  • No warning. No control. No escape.


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