A.N.T. Farm

American sitcom

A.N.T. Farm is a Disney Channel television sitcom that premiered on May 6, 2011 as a special preview and continued as a regular series on June 17, 2011. It's about middle-schoolers in a gifted program at their local high school called "Advanced Natural Talents" program or A.N.T. The series stars China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks, Sierra McCormick as Olive Doyle, Jake Short as Fletcher Quimby, Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed and Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks.

Season 1


transplANTed (2011)

Chyna: Oh my gosh, Dad! Look at this place! Lockers instead of cubbies, Driver's Ed instead of kiddie bikes (Chyna bumps into a cute boy)
Chyna: Him instead of... what was I talking about?
Cameron: Dad, does she have to go to my high school? I mean, seriously, she's only 11.
Darryl: It's not Chyna's fault that she's gifted anymore than it's your fault that you're.. not.
(later at the A.N.T. Farm)
Gibson: Oh, great. Another A.N.T.!
Darryl: Hey, what's with the name calling?

participANTs (2011)

Chyna: Uh, Paisley I am so, so, so sorry about your nose.
Paisley: Aww, don't be. I'm hoping it's broken, so my mom will finally let me get a nose job.
Chyna: I am not a freak, I'm a human being.

the phANTom locker (2011)

Lexi: Oh, Cameron, that's so cute. Is this where you keep your dollies?
Cameron: I don't have dollies. My dad threw them all away.

sciANTs fair (2011)

Chyna: Yesterday was wear the same clothes that you're gonna wear tomorrow day.
Darryl: See, that's the best thing I like about my job; same outfit everyday. I never even wash this thing.

studANT council (2011)

Darryl: Hey, Cameron! Wanna watch the game?
Cameron: No. Every time we watch baseball, all you do is make me get food for you from the kitchen.
Darryl: Well, that's a family tradition. I got food for my dad. You get food for me and one day your son'll get food for you. That is if you can trick a girl into marrying you.
Cameron: You mean like you did?
Darryl: Exactly. Another family tradition.

bad romANTs (2011)

Chyna: Do you have her number?
Fletcher: Yeah, it's 24601.
Chyna: That's not enough digits for a phone number.
Fletcher: No, but, it's the right amount for a prison ID number... (Chyna's eyes widen at him) Yeah, she's in jail.

replicANT (2011)

Darryl: Excuse me for worrying. It's just you're my daughter. And I'm your father. And my wife is your mother. And your brother is my sister's nephew.
Chyna: Dad, what are you talking about?
Darryl: I don't know. I'm nervous.

clairvoyANT (2011)

Chyna: Cameron, you have an amazing gift!
Cameron: Yeah, but I found out my gift is also a curse. I just had a horrible vision...
Chyna: Skidmore in a bikini?
Cameron: (Shakes his head) No, much worse! Tomorrow, at half past noon, an asteroid will hit Earth, ending all life as we know it!
Olive: Well that's bad, but still not worse than Skidmore in a bikini.
Chyna: It's an incredible honor to win this award. Especially given how many years Principal Skidmore had "Happy Birthday" sung to her. What is it, like, 75?
Principal Skidmore: No.
Chyna: 80?
Principal Skidmore: Sit down!
Olive: Wow, everyone has an award but you, even the lunch lady.
Ella: The show's not over yet.
Principal Skidmore: The final award of the night goes to...
Cameron: Here we go.
Principal Skidmore: Me! Best award show host!

managemANT (2011)

Cameron: Uh, I don't think that's real cheese.
Hippo: I don't care.

philANThropy (2011)

Olive: Chyna, this idea is crazy.
Chyna: What do you want from me? I'm suffering from "Gibson Fever". Licorice? (pulls a red licorice out of a wig that looks like Gibson's hair)
Gibson: Hey, guys, what ya doing? (looks at everyone dressed like him) And why does everyone look so handsome?

fraudulANT (2011)

Chyna: So, how are we gonna play this? Good cop, bad cop? (Olive shakes her head) Tall cop, short cop? (Olive shakes her head again) Happy cop, sad cop? (Olive shakes her head again)
Olive: How about you go over there and talk to him, while I stay here and eat soup...

the replacemANT (2011)

Olive: Alright, class, hand in your permission slips.
Chyna: Uh, Ms. Doyle, I forgot mine again.
Olive: You forgot it? You forgot it?!!

mutANT farm (2011)

Chyna: Lexi suggested that instead of bobbing for eyeballs, we bob for apples. (takes a bite of the apple) And I've gotta say apples just aren't as sweet.

cANTonese style cuisine (2011)

Chyna: (Chyna mumbles "too fast" with her mouth full)
Olive: More fast? OK.
Chyna: "More fast"? Who says "more fast"?
Kenny: Hey, you two. Work more fast!

ignorANTs is bliss (2011)

Gibson: (trying to put a sign up) Ugh! I can't keep this "Sign Up" sign up! But this is where you sign up, so sign up!!!

slumber party ANTics (2011)

Olive: Be careful with that! That bag has my breakfast. I like to eat this really rare, special cereal that you guys don't have.
Chyna: (Chyna pulls a box of cereal out of the bag) Corn Flakes? I think we have corn flakes.
Olive: No, I've seen your cabinets, and you only have Honey Crusted Sugar Loops, Donut Crisps, Sugar Frosted Sugar Cubes, Captain Chocolard, Candy Cane Crunch and High Fructosey-Os.
Chyna: Those are my dad's. I don't eat that unhealthy junk. I usually just have some leftover pie.
Olive: Hey, where are the other girls?
Chyna: They kind of all left in the middle of the night. I would have too, but I live here.

america needs talANT (2011)

Lexi: So, what are you going to sing? Probably something you've already done before like...
Chyna: Dynamite.
Lexi: You're singing Dynamite?
Chyna: Oh, no. I meant my song's gonna be Dynamite. But not the song Dynamite. The song will be Dynamite, but the song will not be Dynamite. It's gonna be Exceptional.
Lexi: You're singing Exceptional!
Chyna: No, no, no. I just meant my dynamite song that isn't Dynamite is gonna be exceptional. Not the song Exceptional, but it will be exceptional. You'll see. It'll be beautiful.
Lexi: OK, fine. Don't tell me.

sANTa's little helpers (2011)

Roxanne: Chyna, your turn. Open your present.
Paisley: Surprise! You got a tuba, but I couldn't wrap it.

you're the one that i wANT (2012)

Chyna: Given it's the annual musical, I was thinking it might be good if it maybe had some music in it.
Olive: I guess I could add a killer acoustic pan pipe solo in the 20 minute ode to Poseidon.

performANTs (2012)

Chyna: (singing "Wear Pants in Public")
Fletcher: Wow, great song! And a great message.... Angus.....
Angus: (stands up and is not wearing pants.) Hey, you asked for a website. Now do you want it fast, or do you want it with pants?
Roxanne: Cameron, I'm glad you found a job, but a tattoo artist? What were you thinking?

Season 2


creative consultANT (2012)

(Fletcher and Angus roll out a red carpet as Chyna and Olive walk in)
Olive: Rolling out the red carpet? It's about time I get respect that I deserve around here.
Fletcher: It's not for you, doof. It's for a celebrity.
Angus: Sequoia is coming to our school.
Chyna (gets excited): Sequoia? She's my favorite movie star!

infANT (2012)

Chyna: Are you crazy?! The baby's talent is not karate!
Violet: No kidding. He didn't even try to fight back.

fANTasy girl (2012)

Lexi: So, Cameron, the dance is coming up.
Cameron: Yes, I'll go with you!
Lexi: I'm not asking you out on a date, I just brought it up to brag. I have been already asked out by 27 boys including the captain of the debate team. I know he's not that cute, but he talked me into it.
Angus: Cameron, you want your picture taken?
Cameron: Yes! I want to treasure this night until the day I die!
Angus: OK, I don't wanna hear about your life story. I'm only doing this to spend some time with Baby Boo Boo.
Violet: Chyna, I loved the message in your song. You don't need a boyfriend to be happy, but I do! (storms off, dragging Fletcher with her)

The ANTagonist (2012)

Fletcher: Hey, guys. Prepare to be blown away.
Chyna: Is there a hurricane coming? Time to take emergency measures! (pulls out a green scarf and puts it on her head)
Angus (to Cameron): Dude, your girlfriend is way out of your league.
Cameron: I know. Isn't it great?

scavANTger hunt (2012)

Chyna: Mrs. Mills, you obviously ate the tuna fish. Take a sick day.

unwANTed (2014)

Chyna: C'mon, Olive. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
Olive: But Dixon was a really cute fish. I'll never find another guy.
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