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22-Pistepirkko (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈkɑkskytkɑks ˈpistepːirkːo]) is a Finnish band formed in 1980 in a small rural village of Utajärvi in Northern Finland but moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in 1985. The band now produces music in English, though at first their main language was Finnish.

  • everybody was excited
22-Pistepirkko in 2008
everyone wanted to see the man
the man with the motorcycle
soon to be coming to our town
I was scared, when he came
I saw him very clear
he was black, tall and the bike
was the biggest I'd ever have seen
he took the best looking girl in town
with him to the hotel
that girl was Frank's girlfriend
Frank is my best friend
I heard , he'd been shopping
he took things, but didn't pay nothing
everyone became furious
but nobody said nothing
he'd only eat, drink and fuck
laugh loudly, when we said bath
promised to burn the town to the ground
if we don't give him a crown
I was going home to sleep
when I met him in the street
he was bigger than what I'd thought
his face was ugly and dirty
he smelled of bull and booze
he said he don't like my face
I was thinking, what shall I do
he said: "just keep going " and walked through me

(From The Kings of Hong Kong, BARE BONE BUSINESS 1987)

  • I'm in love with the girl downtown
I'm in love with the girl downtown
she dont know that I am
I dont know where she usually moves
Saw her one summer day
now the snow is on my way
I'm riding in snowy downtown
feeling like, like a loose toon
I'm in love with the girl downtown
I'm in love with the girl downtown
she dont know that I am
I dont know where she usually moves
I'm riding in snowy downtown
dont cry wolf, it's a Christmas time
She dont know that...

(From CD Rumble City, LaLa Land, PolyGram Finland 1994)

  • STAY:
  • I won't do any cleaning, cooking or washing.
'Cos I like games, sports and gambling.
You would like some company. I don't want guests.
Pour me a drink. I just want to be at home.
Oh baby stay.
You'd like to sell the bike and buy an RV.
Holidays ain't for me. I hate to travel.
I can't stand still. I don't want to drive.
You'd like to discuss; well I'd rather not.
You'd like to have children, kissing and hugging.
I don't want those things to mess up my world.
No candlelight dinners no memory lanes.
That's too sentimental; I hate that stuff.
I smashed our phone. I killed every plant.
I bought new locks - but where's the cat?
The TV's not working; the poker night is off.
You need a new dress, as if we were rich.
No romantic evenings, no cheese and crackers.
No crossword puzzles no trips to the in-laws.
No shower today, I won't change my socks.
I don't speak to the neighbors; I bought a navy-blue robe.
I have a pain in my back.
I have a pain in my head.
I have a pain in my heart.
I have a pain everywhere.
Something's wrong with my eyes.
Something's wrong with my ears.
Something's wrong with my brain.
Something's wrong in my pain.

(From CD Drops & Kicks, PGMCD 26, 2005)

  • X-(WO)MEN:
  • X-men and women,
X-women and men,
no super powers,
just trying to make their days,
in the way their ways made them.
The ghosts in new homes,
bite like X-rays,
echo X-days,
breaking the new circles,
making new rings so heavy to wear.
Teach the old dog a new trick,
try to keep your good old friends,
accept that they may never call again.

(From CD Drops & Kicks, PGMCD 26, 2005)

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