20 Million Miles to Earth

1957 American thriller film directed by Nathan H. Juran

20 Million Miles to Earth is a 1957 film about the first U.S. spaceship to Venus, which crash-lands off the coast of Sicily on its return trip, and a dangerous, lizard-like creature that comes with it and quickly grows gigantic.

Directed by Nathan H. Juran. Written by Charlotte Knight.
Monster from outerspace runs wild!  (taglines)

Dr. Judson Uhl

  • I've had nightmares in my time, but I've never dreamed of anything like this.
  • You better tell them we're in a hurry and to roll up the red tape and put it into a drawer until this thing is over!
  • Why is it always, always so costly for Man to move from the present to the future?

Col. Robert Calder

  • Incredible! The creature has to be taken alive!
  • I guess I frightened it as much as it frightened me.
  • Doc, this is like a parachute. It's got to work the first time!
  • Get that elephant out of there!


  • Narrator: Great scientific advances are oftentimes sudden accomplished facts before most of us are even dimly aware of them. Breathtakingly unexpected, for example, was the searing flash that announced the atomic age. Equally unexpected was the next gigantic stride when Man moved out of his very orbit to a point more than 20 million miles to Earth.
  • Marisa Leonardo: Caught me unprepared. I've been cooking over a hot creature all day.


Marisa Leonardo: Colonel?
Col. Robert Calder: Yeah?
Marisa Leonardo: I hate to intrude on your precious private thoughts but I'd like to change the bandage on your arm.
Col. Robert Calder: Oh.
Marisa Leonardo: You're worried about what happened today. About where the creature is tonight, aren't you?
Col. Robert Calder: We'll find him. We've got to.
Marisa Leonardo: Guess I've been pretty inconsiderate and self-centered. You've got a lot on your mind.
Col. Robert Calder: If that's an apology I think it went in the wrong direction. All you've done is try to help. All I've done is snarl at you. I hope when this is all over, you'll let me try to make it up to you - over a table for two in a dark café.
Marisa Leonardo: With a candle burning on the table?
Col. Robert Calder: And a bottle of wine.

Maj. Gen. A.D. McIntosh: What I have to say you will find incredible- but true. Colonel Calder here has just returned from an expedition to Venus.
Contino: To Venice? Perhaps you mean Venezia?
Col. Robert Calder: [Impatiently] To Venus! The planet Venus!


  • Monster from outerspace runs wild!
  • Space nightmares!
  • Greatest Monster Since King Kong Ravishes the Earth!
  • All the World Feared the Monster from Outer Space!
  • Thousands Flee in Terror Before the Death-Dealing Monster from Outer Space!
  • Out-Of-Space Creature Invades the Earth!


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