2010 Pune bombing

terrorist attack in Maharashtra, India

The 2010 Pune bombing occurred on 13 February 2010 at approximately 19:15 Indian Standard Time, when a bomb exploded at a German bakery in the Indian city of Pune, Maharashtra. The blast killed 18 people, and injured at least 60 more,[8] including an Italian woman, two Sudanese students and an Iranian student.

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  • Thereafter, on 8th February we had a very serious input. I placed it before the Director (IS). He personally drafted an advisory communication to three States which had Chabad Houses (place of worship and seminary for Jewish worshippers). The advisory communication was signed by the concerned Joint Secretary and issued. There was imminent threat of fidayeen attacks to these places and their vicinity. According to information available with the Home Ministry, Chabad Houses were located in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Kochi. Hence the States of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala were sensitised on 8th February 2010. The input shared by the Home Ministry proved right. On 13th February 2010, there was a bomb blast in a German Bakery very close to the Chabad House in Pune. As many as 67 people died and many were injured. This was a blast which could have been avoided. It appears that the Central alert was not taken seriously by the State government and even the Commissioner of Police, Pune, did not receive the input from the government of Maharashtra... Or was it a deliberate policy not to share the input? I ask this question because of certain information on funds used for terror attack...
    • Mani, R. V. S. (2018). The myth of Hindu terror: Insider account of Ministry of Home Affairs 2006-2010.

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