2001 Indian Parliament attack

2001 terrorist attack on Indian parliament

The 2001 Indian Parliament attack was a terrorist attack on the Parliament of India in New Delhi, India on 13 December 2001.

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  • On 13 December 2001, five terrorists barged into the Parliament complex in a car. Nine people, including six police personnel and two members of the Parliament staff, laid down their lives. The Fidayeen attack was purportedly carried out jointly by the LeT and JeM. The dangerous intentions of the operation were self-evident. Hundreds of MPs along with several prominent ministers were present at the Parliament during the time of the attack. Afzal Guru was held guilty of participating in the entire conspiracy. He was hanged on 9 February 2013 after a long legal procedure. Predictably, Pakistan condemned the capital punishment to Afzal Guru. However, many people started to term him as a hero within the country as well.
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