1923 (TV series)

American Western drama television series

1923 (also known as Yellowstone: 1923) is an American Western drama television series, which premiered on Paramount+ on December 18, 2022. It also serves as a second prequel to the main series Yellowstone and a sequel to the first spinoff series 1883.

Season 1


1x01: 1923

Sister Mary: What is lye?
Teonna: It's... It's from ashes.
Sister Mary: What is from ashes?
Teonna: The Alkaline?
Sister Mary: [whips Teonna with a steel ruler] Alkali. How do you get alkali? [slaps Teonna again] How?
Teonna: I don't know.
Sister Mary: Why don't you know? It was in yesterday's lecture.
Teonna: I can't remember.
Sister Mary: Yes, you do.
Teonna: [while Sister Mary slaps her wrists with the ruler] I don't! I DON'T!!! [as Sister Mary slaps Teonna, Teonna angrily curses her in Native American language and Sister Mary was stunned]
Sister Mary: [slaps Teonna with the ruler repeatedly] YOU WILL NOT SPEAK THAT GODLESS FILTH IN MY--!!!! [Teonna furiously stands up from her desk and brutally attacks Sister Mary while the other students look on]
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