Ōban Star-Racers

animated television series

Ōban Star-Racers (オーバン・スターレーサーズ Ōban Sutā Rēsāzu) is a French/Japanese anime about a girl who becomes Earth's representative in an intergalactic racing competition known as the Great Race of Ōban, hoping to win the Ultimate Prize and bring her deceased mother back.

Season 1


A Fresh Start [1.1]

Rick: [after the skirmish with the Krog] Is this part of the great race you were talking about, Don? Or is it just the warm up?

Jordan: [aims gun at Krog] Sorry, no Krogs allowed!

Hostilities Break Out [1.2]

Aikka: [to Molly] Aren't you a little bit young to be running around without parental supervision?

Stan: [concerning Grooor's Star-Racer] It's a piece of junk, but it's made of polarized titanium.
Rick: Terrific, I guess.
Koji: [grimly] It means that if you play bumper cars with this guy, you're going home by e-mail.

Grave Like Grooor [1.3]

Grooor: [as Jordan shoots the joints of his Star-Racer] Your lasers are worthless. You are mine!!

Grooor: [as he grinds the Arrow II into the ground] I could squash you like an insect, but that would dishonor all of the insects in the galaxy. Yesterday, you robbed Grooor of a victory that was rightfully his. Today, your humiliation must be complete. [Grooor lets go of the Arrow II] Grooor generously gives you a lead of thirty seconds before your apocalypse.

In Like Flint [1.4]

Marcel: [shoots at Jordan] Here's a little present from Marcel!

[Flint easily avoids the obstacles with his eyes closed]
Molly: Not bad. I guess you're just plain lucky.
Flint: Plain lucky, you say?

Cruel Like Ceres [1.5]

Ceres: [to Rick] How can you imagine even for a second that you are worthy of the Oban prize? Humans, Krogs, Nourasians: They are all the same. A few thousand years of existence and you think that you are actually important.

Ceres: Humans, your hour of judgment has come. [launches an electromagnetic ray at the Arrow II] Something to shake you up a bit.

Playful Like Para-Dice [1.6]

Para-Dice: Don't play innocent with me! You know very well that the ultimate prize gives the winner any wish, any dream!
Don Wei: It can't be.
Molly: I could have any wish? Any dream? [realizes she could bring her mother back]

Treacherous Like Toros [1.7]

Toros: No one can resist the strength of the Krogs. Earth and the rest of her galaxy must learn. When I claim the Ultimate Prize, all shall kneel.

Agile Like Aikka [1.8]

Molly: If you can't trust Nourasians, then you could at least trust me!
Don Wei: I did trust you in the last race. I will not make the same mistake twice...

Jordan: [when the race with Aikka is about to start] I am tired of this frog prince. He's going down.

Surprising like Super-Racer [1.9]

[Satis is talking to Jordan and Aikka appears at a distance from them, and walks away]
Jordan: [about Aikka] This is all your fault!
Satis: [confused] What's my fault? [Jordan goes running off] Humans are so unpredictable! And so rude too!

[Jordan is walking in the market place and comes upon an Alien Seller who is holding a blue dress]
Alien Seller: Oh, look at this dress! It's made for you! [puts dress against Jordan's body]
Jordan: [growling] Get lost! I'm trying to be sad! [Alien runs away screaming]

Resistant Like Rush [1.10]

Rick: You've really got a problem with this girl, don't you? Huh?
Don Wei: I'm tough with all my pilots. You should know that.
Rick: Maybe it's time you got a life, Don.
Don Wei: My life is perfectly fine as it is, thank you.
Rick: Yeah right. I'd sure hate to be your son. Or for that matter, your daughter. [Don freezes, as those last words bring back painful memories] Did I say something wrong?

Silent Like Spirit [1.11]

[Spirit has shown up alone, as he has no need for a star racer]
Jordan: Correction. I think Spirit forgot something, like his star racer!

Molly: Don't come near me, you murderer! [suicides the Arrow II in an attempt to kill Spirit]

The Will to Win [1.12]

Don Wei: Now Molly, what was it you wanted to tell me?
Molly: [storms off] Absolutely nothing! You may be a great team manager, but as a father you're clearly a zero!

Make Way! [1.13]

Aikka: [to G'dar] I feel the same way. We are betraying our friends and ourselves. This cannot continue.

Welcome to Oban [1.14]

Aikka: Yes, Molly's right. The preselections were nothing. These racers are the best of the best. We'll need all of our strength.

Don Wei: It's over, Molly. Sul came in first place, O second, and Kross third.
Molly: Over? But I-
Don Wei: We came in fifth place just behind Ning and Skun. We have no points. Head back to the flying temple at once. I suppose it could've been a lot worse for our first race on Oban.
Molly: No points is like no race at all. I have to do better. I don't have a choice. I have to win the ultimate prize.

Fierce Like Lord Furter [1.15]

Molly: As long as we can fly, we still have a chance. I refuse to believe it's the end of the world.

Nervous Like Ning and Skun [1.16]

Don Wei: [realizing Molly is Eva] No, no, it can't be! It's impossible!

Optimised Like Ondai [1.17]

[Ondai uses his computerized intelligence to predict and dodge all of Jordan's attacks]
Jordan: This guy's untouchable!
Ondai: At last the time has come to claim my rightful place among you.

Ondai: Accept the truth! Your kind has had their time. Robots are the next step in the chain of evolution!

Monstrous Like Muir [1.18]

Don Wei: Must I pay with my own daughter?!

The Origin of the World [1.19]

Sul: So the ancient legends are true.
Kross: Meditate on this, Sul. [Fires at him]

Molly: Prince Aikka, answer me! Why did you change? Why should the race change any of us?

Secret Like Sul [1.20]

Molly: Why do you want to win the prize?
Sul: I am the master over time, space, and even the course of destiny. There is nothing left for me to wish for. Go.

Don Wei: You're in third place, not fourth place. We scored some points. Sul is gone.
Molly: [stunned] What? He's gone? What do you mean "gone"?
Don Wei: I mean he is no longer part of this competition. We're waiting for you.

Ominous Like O [1.21]

Don Wei: I destroyed my wife. And now I've destroyed my only child.

Revelations [1.22]

Molly: What do you mean "choosing the master of Oban"? [gasps] That's impossible! I want the ultimate prize for my mother!
Creator: We answered your question. Now leave!

Cruel Like Kross [1.23]

Molly: I think you switch sides a little too easily, Aikka!

Canaletto's Revenge [1.24]

Molly: Here goes nothing.
[maneuvers away from the trident's path]
Kross: By Kramm! [last words before his ship explodes]

Unlikely Alliances [1.25]

Jordan: I guess O was a good guy after all.

The Moment of Truth [1.26]

Molly: [breaks down in tears] My mother. It was you! You made her crash. You made her crash, didn't you?
Canaletto: She had to go, to bring out the best in you.

[Last lines of the series]
Molly: Being Molly was fun. But it's good to be Eva again.
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