Ángel Boligán

Cuban painter

Ángel Boligán Corvo (born May 10, 1965) is an artist and cartoonist who lives in Mexico.

Ángel Boligán

Quotes edit

  • I was trained from the Plastic Arts, so in my work the form always plays an important role, accompanying the message with the subtlety, elegance or strength that the subject requires. In this regard, and aware that a cartoon is good when it has a good balance of content and form, after long years of work when it frequently achieves this, one can speak of evolution.
  • From 2000 and especially 2006 until today, and thanks also to social networks, my work has had a greater presence both in Mexico and internationally.

Interview (2022) edit

  • We are surrounded by absurd behavior, contradictions, manipulations and, just by looking around, I have dozens of ideas on how to make a drawing as a mirror and show the context.
  • Thanks to globalization, new technologies and social networks, we know that what makes us laugh or saddens us, causes exactly the same reaction on the other side of the world.
  • Every problem, private and local, is ultimately global in its nature. We are all, in one way or another, involved in the same politics, religion, taboos, extremism, intolerance, absurdity, as well as consumerism and technology that dictate our often-predictable behavior. I am not trying to pass judgment with my drawings, I only want to provide the evidence.
  • Mexico is one of the most important economies in Latin America, but is no doubt better known as a cultural country with its plastic arts, monumental painters, writers, cuisine, colonial architecture and archaeological sites. All this is the heritage of humanity. But the violence and drug dealing are usually much more visible.
  • The Charlie Hebdo case is disturbing for the entire guild. There are many taboos, intolerance and extremism. And our task is — to destroy them. I believe that clever and artistic, reasoned and convincing humor can push more and more walls in our world. And it can be done without insult or aggression.
  • I am inspired to create an illustrated chronicle of the world in which we live.
  • Terrorist attacks, global warming, digital technologies [Response to question about three things that have influenced our world the most in recent years]

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