¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico

2004 animated direct-to-movie feature film based on the associated series

¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico is a 2004 animated direct-to-movie feature film based on the series.


El Loco Mosquito: Wrestle or Dare? I choose, wrestle! Flyswatter of Humiliation! [shapeshifts into a flyswatter]
El Haystack Grande: Grande Haystack of Thrashing! [shapeshifts into a haystack]

Mama Maniaca: You know, I have an odd feeling that Rikochet is having a lot more than just a few friends over.
Lonestar: He's having a party. Don't worry, mi amor. He'll grow out of it.

Flea: Okay, The Flea dares you to… [under control] Read a complete sentence from The Code of Masked Wrestling backwards.
Rikochet: [miffed] This is a ridiculous dare! I'm not going to do it.
Flea: Oh, oh, this is like so you. [imitating Rikochet] "Flea, this is a fantastic dare, but I am too… [bawks] chicken to do it."
Rikochet: I am not chicken! I am fearless! I laugh at the dingo of danger! I tease the tiger of terror! I mock the monkey of being very scared and hiding in a closet! I demand that you take that back!
Flea: Sorry, The Flea's hearing must be bad. The Flea thought you said… [bawking]
Rikochet: [groaning agitatedly] I mean it, Flea. Call me chicken one more time, and I will not be responsible for my actions!
Flea: Really? [bawking]
Rikochet: Bueno! You've done it now! I'm going to do your estupido dare! Then you shall see how unlike a chicken I am. Bawk-bawk! [annoyingly swipes the book out of The Flea's hands and reads a sentence in reverse]

[As all the luchadores unfreeze, they gasp in horror at El Maléfico's appearance]
Rikochet: What? What is it? Do I have food stuck to my face? [Tic Tac Toe and Cindy Slam nod no] Is my mask coming untied at the back? [Tibor the Terrible, French Twist, and El Pacifico also nod no] Is there a big evil, demonic, villainous, scary, frightening giant figure in an inky black coat behind me? [El Haystack Grande, Snow Pea, Zero Kelvin, and El Loco Mosquito all nod yes] Huh? [looks up at El Maléfico towering over him] Aye! Basura! Hola. Welcome to my party. May I take your coat? Make yourself at home. Have some punch. Perhaps you'd like a nibble?

Flea: Hey, look! The Flea found fifteen cents!
Buena Girl: Flea, do you even realize what you've done?
Flea: Sí. The Flea found fifteen cents!

Headmistress: It's time to put evil in detention, permanently, with our combined move of…
Mr. Midcarda, Headmistress and Sr. Hasbeena: School Bus of Tardiness!

Buena Mom: OUR TEETH! [faints]
Buena Dad: This is so not buena!

El Maléfico: I am getting stronger by the second. Nothing can stop me!
Lonestar and Mama Maniaca: Don't be so sure.
Lonestar: You have not defeated all the luchadores.

El Maléfico: I've done it! I have defeated them all! Now, I feel the power of all the luchadores flowing through me.

Lonestar: Rikochet, I am your father.
Rikochet: Yeah, Papa, I know.
Lonestar: But you don't know that I'm trapped here in Nether Nether Land, because I was defeated by…El Maléfico.
Mama Maniaca: Mijo, El Maléfico must be stopped. You are brave, and honest, and true.
Lonestar: We have faith in you. You can do it.

Rikochet: This appears to be a nice and spicy restaurant menu. [flips the menu over] Oh, here's the map, covered in chili sauce and coffee stains. It shows the directions to the Cape of Courage, the Boots of Bravery, and the Tights of Tightness.
Buena Girl: [facepalms] Aye, we'll never be able to collect them all before El Maléfico destroys the world.
Flea: Unless, we split up. The Flea will get the Cape of Courage, The Flea will get the Boots of Bravery, and The Flea will get the Tights of Tightness.
Rikochet: Um, Flea, I think I'll do the splitting up. Buena Girl, you will search for the Boots of Bravery. Flea, you will find the Tights of Tightness. And I will get the Cape of Courage. We must find the Artifacts of Bueno-ness and return here immediately. It will not be easy. At times, we may want to give up.
Flea: The Flea wants to give up.
Rikochet: But be strong. And always remember, we are luchadores who stand for the foremost important virtues: Honor!
Buena Girl: Family!
Flea: Tradition!
Three Mascaritas: And donuts!

Rikochet: [with Buena Girl's body and The Flea's legs] My legs itch!
Buena Girl: [with The Flea's body and Rikochet's legs] My body itches!
Flea: [with Rikochet's body and Buena Girl's legs] The Flea feels pretty!

Buena Girl: Hold it right there, you evil man!
Flea: Your days of tyranny, and inky black coat wearing are over!
Rikochet: You're going to release our parents and loved ones, NOW!
El Maléfico: Is that right? Well, I guess you'll have to make me…if you have the guts.
Rikochet: We have the guts, and we also have these!
Slurf: [gasps] The Artifacts of Bueno-ness!

El Maléfico: [sees the Three Mascaritas, now in giant size] No! This cannot be!
Rikochet: It is! And you're going down!

Rikochet: Now, it's time for the ultimate dishonor. It's time to unmask El Maléfico! [pulls off El Maléfico's mask and gasps]
[Everyone and Slurf gasp in shock to see that El Maléfico is…]
Three Mascaritas: Jenny Perkins of 13932 Jefferson Way?!
Narrator: See? I had it right all along. Jenny Perkins is evil.
Buena Girl: Time for you to go back where you belong, Jenny Perkins!